squirrel budgeting apps in uk

5 Best Budgeting Apps In The UK For Managing Finances

We have a list of budgeting apps UK citizens should start using for proper budgeting record. If you reside in the UK and you are in need of budgeting apps capable of tracking how your money should be spent, then read this guide before making a choice.

When your monthly income land straight into your account, it feels great to spend it but will be shocked to see insufficient fund when you put your MasterCard into the ATM machine. The good news here is that you can actually track your budget right from your mobile phones and have a better control over your spending habits.

5 Best Budgeting Apps in UK.

Here we have put in some list of the best budgeting Apps to use in the UK and other parts of the world.


Squirrel is a good budgeting App to track your spending right from your mobile device. The Apps is available on Squirrel.me and it had both Android and iOS version. I believe with this App, both Apple lover and Android can equally tap from the good features of this handy App offer.

squirrel budgeting apps in uk

The app help in splitting your salary into weekly payments and it also hold back money each month for savings. It handles your bills and gives you a weekly allowance, which you can set to your liking. This Apps is just perfect for those that don’t know how to control their spendings. In other to enjoy the app you have to sacrifice £3.99 every Month.

Squirrel Budgeting app is available for Android And iPhone.


Spendee just as the name sound is also a great Apps to track your spending. It will access your account. The good thing about this App is that it allows different currencies and you can even have a joint account on it. Some of the features of this App is the ability to categorize spending and set notifications. You can access this App at Speed.me with £1.60 Month.

There is a free version of Spendee for both Android and iOS.


Cleo is available for both Android and iOS and the good news is that you don’t have to pay to use the App. This App has a chatbot assistant with read-only access to your accounts who’ll give you instant answers to questions about your spending and saving, as well as charts and graphs.

You can download the app at meetcleo.com.


Loot is also a free App that helps and encourages users to spend less. Loot come with prepaid Mastercard service. You can set daily budgets and long-term saving goals, and there are handy pie-charts to keep you up to date with your progress.  You can get the App at loot.io

Loot Budgeting app is both available for Android And iOS devices.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a free budgeting app in UK and as the name suggests it looks like the king of budget apps. Well, the App actually offers tons of pretty features. For example, it gives you an overview of your finances. Once you’ve set it up to all your accounts, it puts all the info in one place so you can see your income and spending.

You can categorize your spending and view your habit for six months to get a clear view of how much pounds you save each year.

Money Dashboard Budget Planner is available for Android and iPhone.

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