Top 10 Business Apps For Android


When considering business apps for Android, there are many different apps to choose from. Some business apps are quite good for teamwork while some promote individual performance.

business apps for Android phones
Best business apps for Android.


10 Business Apps for Android on PlayStore.

But when it comes to Business apps that give you the power of versatility, here are a list of apps to choose from that will offer you better performance in your given business.

1. Asana:

It is a great advantage to have this business app on your Android phone. As it allows assigning tasks directly to other teammates. It includes places for sending attachments as well as subsections. This app can help a team of 15 people at once but not more than that. To use this app, there is a requirement of $9.99 per month payable for the complete package. To download this app, go to PlayStore

2. CamScanner:

The CamScanner app is a very useful equipment and is available in both free and premium versions. It allows you to scan documents, business cards, receipts and can edit documents, if need be and quickly shared with your team but may require a nominal fee for faxing. The Premium version is available at $4.99 per month and an overall fee of $49.99 per year. To download this app, you can download it here.

3. Google Drive Suite:

This awesome business application allows support for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs images, notes and so on. This application allows you to work on your mobile device as well as your desktop. The Google Drive also gives you access to 15GB free space for cloud storage and you can pay for more later if you so desire. It so connects to all other Google apps such as Gmail and Google calendar allowing for more efficiency. It is one of the best business apps for Android specially designed for business. You can download this app through this link.

4. Slack:

Slack offers a multiple interfaced channel that can fully allow efficient communication in your business. It is one of the best apps used for business as it allows for document sharing, chatbot and can be used in conjunction with websites, and other third-party apps like Asan, and G-Suite. it is perfect of big organizations, as well as small teams . it is indeed on the of the finest business apps.  the Slack app is available at a free level as well as a premium version which goes for $6.67-$12.50 dollars per month. if you wish to download this app, you can do so on PlayStore.

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5. Square Register:

Square Register is another great app for your business. it is specially designed for entrepreneur, small and mobile businesses. it allows for simple a point of sale system but also requires a magnetic strip reader to execute. There is a free application as well as a paid version although the paid version does not use a one time fee but a 2.75% on every purchase. This application allows businesses to track inventory, send receipts, apply discounts, issue refunds, and check out real-time sales data. This app accepts a whole lot of Credit and debit cards and can also accept pay from Apple pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. to download this application, do so via this link.

6. Microsoft Office Suite:

The Microsoft office Suit is an integration of the Ms-Word, Ms-Excel and Ms PowerPoint. In addition to this team of apps, you can use the Office-365 subscription which gives you added features such as Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud storage  as well as an added scanner app. The Office0365 features can be purchased at different pricing options which may range from about $6.99 per month. If you wish to install and start using this business app, download it from PlayStore.

7. Newton Mail:

The Newton Mail is one of the best business apps for business people. It is one of the best email apps that support all kinds of email accounts. It allows integration of several apps such as LinkedIn, Evernote, Todoist, Asana, Microsoft OneNote and may much more. This application also incorporates a 2 step verification system to allow for added protection. This application comes in both free and premium avenues, the premium is priced at $49.99 per year. You can download it via this link.

8. HubSpot:

HubSpot is among the best business apps on PlayStore.  As much as this, it also stands as one of the best of the best marketing automation tools on the market and it allows its users to manage contacts between their marketing, sales, and service teams at every moment. This application allows proper communication between team members as well as open up to the evaluation of sales strategies used in the business. You can download this application on PlayStore.

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9. Google My Business

Google My Business allows small and large businesses to become visible on Google Search and Google Maps. It is a huge advantage especially to small-time businesses as it specifically gives all information from your location to business hours at the fingertips to your potential clients. In any case, where your business is managed from different locations, it can be done properly via this application. This app is so good even for a business that has no website yet. You can even manage multiple locations if needed. That makes it one of the important business apps for small businesses, new businesses and basically any business without a web presence yet. You can download it on PlayStore for your Android phone.

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10. HappyFox

 HappyFox app perfect for small-scale business as it allows customer representatives in your firm to be on hand at all times to process requests made by customers. It allows for answering calls, gives customer-specific information and helps resolve ticket issues while away from the desktop. This application can be subscribed at $26.00. If you do wish to download this mobile app, you can do so from PlayStore.
And there you have it. The best business apps for Android phones to help you integrate effective performance especially if you are starting your business empire.

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