Top 10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

If you are an outgoing person, meeting people from different parts of society is normal. Most times, after meeting them, we get into deep conversations that could lead to doing business, having fun or sharing memorable moments and, so we would like to keep in touch with them. One of the best ways to keep in touch with the people you recently meet is by Business card. However, I have noticed that it is difficult to keep all the business cards I get from these people after meeting them. But, with Business card scanner apps, this problem is solved.

Business card scanner apps

Thanks to this app, I can now, manage all my engagements and easily keep in touch with all those I have met. Now, without further delay, let us explore some of the best business card scanner apps on the internet today. I am talking about the ones that I have recently used and found effective. Here are 10 of them. You can also use them on both your Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Microsoft Office Lens

business card scanner apps-Microsoft Office Lens

I’m really pleased to introduce to you our very own Microsoft business card scanner app. Also, this app scans documents but, you can use it to scan all your received business cards. It has options for you to either export or save them and to share the information. It is a cool app to try out.

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  1. ScanBizCards Lite

ScanBizCards Lite - Scan Card

Some business card scanner apps have impressive and important features just like this one. It is quite effective for scanning and storing business card information. Also, all you need to do is just scan the card and automatically this app will save every bit of information on it. Furthermore, it has additional options, for editing and organizing your cards.

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  1. Wantedly People – Business Card Scanning

Wantedly People

This app is probably the best Business card scanner for Android devices.  This app is popular for its simple but friendly user interface. Also, it can scan multiple business cards all at once, with a powerful feature that resizes even big business card images to the smallest bit for the best possible extraction. In addition, you can also add your own business card information to the in-app profile board.

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  1. HayStack

HayStack: Digital Business Card

Haystack is a mobile app for Android devices, with the amazing function of scanning, saving and sharing business cards. Other than scanning business cards, you can also create your own business card and share them exclusively by email, text and even NFC. Furthermore, this app also includes an advanced camera feature, coupled with an inbuilt OCR. options to edit and arrange all scanned business cards.

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  1. WorldCard Mobile Lite

Business card scanner apps-WorldCard Mobile Lite -

WorldCard is another option on our list today. This app recognizes about 25 languages and it is quick and accurate. In addition, it has necessary features like a business card arranger and editor. It also has some advanced features like a reminder to contact people you newly met. However, this function is most functional for business marketers and campaigns. In addition, it has additional options like auto-formatting and order of name to display on its interface.

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  1. Business Card Scanner & Reader

Business Card Scanner & Reader – Free Card Reader

This is perfect if you want to extract contact details and important information from the business cards. This app will scan and store automatically all scanned business cards and organize them well for the best possible assessment purposes. It can also manage your contact information and save important contact details to your personal contact list.

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  1. SamCard


SamCard will help keep your contacts organized and complete. It can also effectively scan business cards with multiple options to save, export, edit or share them. It also includes shaking photo features that will inevitably capture all data information accurately. You can also easily arrange all the business card you’ve received and readily edit them with this app.

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  1. CamCard

Business card scanner apps-CamCard - Business Card Scanner

Like its name, this app is truly a business card scanner. It provides you with one of the quickest and effective ways to digitize business cards. However, all you need to do to use this app is simply capture the business card and hit the save button. Also, you can access the card data like a saved contact on your phone. It has more features for syncing saved contact data to multi-device platforms. In addition, this app is free with the capability to save up to 200 business cards in digital formats.

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  1. Business Card Reader Free

Card Reader Free

Available to both Android and iOS devices, this app can turn your paper business card into accessible digital contacts and also manage them effectively for you. Furthermore, it has translation features for over 25 languages, with the options to sync cards across all smartphones, computer, and tablets via Abby’s cloud. Finally, you can easily save all cards details directly to convenient storage platforms across your mobile devices.

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  1. SanSan

business card scanner apps-SanSan

SanSan provides options that let you build a complete and very competent digital database that you can comfortably access from anywhere. In addition, it also makes it easy to scan business cards for multimedia or storage purposes. Also, the app automatically stores the contact it scans, adds tags, notes and meeting reports to further enhance and optimize the database.

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In conclusion, there are many popular business card scanner apps that the general public is not aware of. But the ones in this article are among the best and most effective of them all. They can easily save and convert all types of business cards for business or personal purposes into digital forms.  Go through them and pick the one you like now.

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