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Top 10 Best Christmas Apps For Android And iPhone

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Christmas apps are right for you especially if you were born on Christmas day or just a Christmas lover Or you are someone that is excited about that time of the year. Add them to your collection of personal apps and make this season of Christmas special for you and your family. In addition, you can create unique videos of special moments with this app.

Some of these Christmas apps contain well designed Christmas borders, frames, GIF and even Emoji’s to help you customize your photos this Christmas season.

Christmas apps

Furthermore, you have live Christmas wallpapers and 3D Themes readily present in this collection of mobile apps. Without delay. Here are the 10 best Christmas apps for Android and iOS Users respectively.

10 Best Christmas Apps (Android And iPhone)

  1. Christmas Tale HD

Christmas apps-Christmas Tale HD

Use this Christmas app to give this season that special touch it needs. With Christmas tale, you can create a list for Santa and help Santa deliver presents to various locations. In-built Christmas stories are also included with a recording section where you can record a personal dialogue for your favourite Christmas characters. Get Christmas Tale for iOS devices here.

  1. Yasa Pets Christmas

Yasa Pets

Like the name, Yasa pets is full with a variety of Christmas toys and outfits. Also, it is like a game Christmas app, where you discover the magic of excitement of Christmas games and get an opportunity to play most of your favourite games of this season. In addition, it is an interactive game with customized Christmas actions for all users. Get Yasa Pets for android now.

  1. Christmas Photo Booth

Christmas Photo Booth

Personally, I love Christmas apps. This one is uniquely special to me, I’ll tell you why. With this mobile app, you can add your favourite Christmas stickers to all your photos. Stickers like a Christmas tree, Santa beard, Santa cap and many more. Just take a great photo and open the app to add these Christmas stickers. You can also share your newly edited pictures from this app to your favourite social networks. Download Christmas Photo Booth for your Android device here.

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  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas apps-A Charlie Brown Christmas

Just like Yasa Pets. Charlie Brown Christmas is a Christmas game app though not entirely so. However, it includes games that give meaning to Christmas and help us comprehend the purpose of the season. This app includes an original dialogue from the 1965 animated classic Christmas narrative done by Peter Robbins and Charlie Brown. In addition, it has the original soundtracks and music from the show when it was first created. Additional contents like educational features that can help users improve and read better are also included. Get this app now for Android.

  1. Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown 2019

If you are always excited about the Christmas season this countdown app is a great one for you. Also, it has lots of amazing themes to choose from featuring Santa and his reindeer ride. In addition, it has amazing Christmas themed High Definition images, of Christmas trees, snowman and most of your favourite Christmas characters. You can set these images as your wallpaper and many more. Get this app for Android today.

  1. Christmas Countdown App

Christmas apps-Christmas Countdown App

This is the second Christmas countdown app on our list today. This app contains an amazing bunch of beautiful themes to select from. Also, these High Definition themes have some of your favourite Christmas characters featured in them like Santa, snowman, Christmas trees and many more. Also, you can set this High Definition images as your wallpaper to experience more of this Christmas season on your Android device. In addition, this app also includes classic Christmas songs like “deck in the halls” and “we wish you a Merry Christmas” for your listening pleasure.

  1. Christmas Sweeper 3

Sweeper 3

Unlike the other Christmas games featured on our best Christmas list today. This one is pretty unique and contains unique characters too. It is somewhat similar to candy crush and comes with 1000 challenging levels. Never get bored this season, as you can play this amazing game, thoroughly designed for this Christmas season. Download for Android to enjoy now.

  1. 3D Christmas & New Year Countdown App

Christmas apps-3D Christmas & New Year Countdown App

Experience the best virtual Christmas season with this app. it contains live wallpapers with amazing Christmas scenes and a countdown section that is decorated in snowfall and Christmas lights along with classic Christmas songs. Enjoy the excitement and joy the Christmas season brings every morning as you open this app. In addition, it contains 8 different kinds of Christmas trees and also has a snowflake mode with snow lights. also, it has various customizable options like rotating app view while you scroll through, personalize snow lights with background and many more. Download this app for Android devices now.

  1. ElfYourself (Android) Christmas App

ElfYourself (Android)

Elfyourself is the funniest app on our list today and notably of the best Christmas apps for Android and iOS devices. Elfyourself is a photo editing Christmas app, that enables users to replace in-built elf faces with the face of up to 5 people. After you set the faces, you can also select a dance theme and create a comical video for the selected figures. You can easily upload this video on your favourite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Options to purchase additional videos featuring different themes are also included. Get ElfYourself for your Android or iOS device now.

  1. Message from Santa

Message from Santa

Available to iOS devices only. This app ranks top for iPhone on our best Christmas apps list today. With this app, you can play personalized video calls of Santa to your kids. In these videos, Santa encourages them to be of good behaviour all year long. It also contains a series of video messages from Santa on different subjects. In addition, your kids can record messages like their wishes to Santa Claus with this app.


Use these Christmas apps to give this season that special touch that it needs. These apps there to increase the joy of Christmas in your life this year. Also, with special wallpapers, themes and quotes specifically designed for you, experience a different Christmas with these mobile apps today. Download anyone to get started.


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