The 10 Best Clone Apps For Android To Run Multiple Accounts

There are some apps you use on your smartphone and wish you can use the same app twice. Sometimes, your privacy demands that you use a dual app for other things you want. In other cases, you may want to use a dual app to spy on someone close to you. There could be a number of reasons why you want to get a clone app on your Android phone. However, it does not matter what the reasons are. Be rest assured that you will find various apps that would suit your need. So, here is a list of 10 best clone apps you can select from to run multiple accounts on your Android devices.

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10 Best Clone Apps to Run Multiple Accounts for Android.

  1. Multiple Accounts

best Clone Apps-multiple accountsMultiple Accounts is one of the best clones apps as of today that lets you make a dual version of the same app you need with ease on your Android devices. This app is very efficient and easy to use. In addition, it is free to download apart from giving you access to two or more versions of the same app. It also gives you ease in switching from one social media account to the other in the order you please.

  1. Parallel Accounts

parallel accountsParallel Accounts is one of the favourable apps you would like to download because it is convenient to use. This app has similar features to Multiple Accounts. Also, it allows you to switch from social media accounts the way you please on your Android devices. Furthermore, it has different features of its own different from others.  For instance, it saves all your original account and separates them from the cloned ones.

  1. Dual Space

dual spaceDual space is another app which is quite popular for Android users. This app is like other apps in this article. Also, it makes a dual account from any of the apps you select. In addition, you have the advantage of using any two separate apps at the same time. Cloning any app you see fit, be it social media apps or gaming apps.

  1. Do Multiple

best Clone Apps-do multipleDo Multiple is one of the best clone apps that allows users to conveniently go through the app with ease, while they clone apps they wish to clone. Also, the app allows you to also use two apps at the same time. While surfing on one app, you can be playing your game on the other app online. In addition, it also has a privacy policy that protects your cloned accounts and notifications that enable you to manage the accounts well on your Android devices.

  1. Multi

multiMulti like the name implies allows you to do what other apps in this article do. Besides the fact that it is one of the best clone apps today, it is very easy to use and to go through. Also,  it has an amazing interface, with a feature that allows you to secure and lock your accounts with a private locker. Aside from all this, you would enjoy the app and you can download easily on your Android devices.

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  1. Parallel Space

best clone apps-parellel spaceParallel Space is another app that is part of the best clone apps useable at your convenience. Also, this app allows you to switch from one account to the other the way you want. In addition, has its own different features that allow you to hide the app, in case you need them hidden for certain purposes. You would be glad to hear that unlike most clone apps, parallel space, supports most apps. You can get it on your Android devices.

  1. App Cloner

    app clonerApp Cloner is another quality app with its own interface, that allows you to manage and use multiple accounts. You can get for free on your Android. In addition, this app allows you to run various accounts at the same time and also switch from one account to the other the way you want. Similarly, it is quite similar to the other apps in this article and very easy to use.

  2. Clone Camera

clone cameraClone Camera is another clone app that is similar to the other apps in this article. This app allows you to have dual apps alongside dual accounts from your games to social media accounts. It is very stable and convenient. This app is secure to use without having to let apps clash with each other. It protects every app you use, allowing you to get notifications from apps you select separately. The app is very easy to use on Android devices if you decide to download it.

  1. 2Accounts

2accounts2Accounts is another amazing app to use and download for Android users. It also comes with its own features. Apart from allowing you to use multiple accounts with the same app, part of its features allows the app to save the data from your original app, and the data of the cloned app separately without interference.

  1. Superb Cloner

best clone apps-superb cleanerSuperb Cloner is one of the amazing apps that allows you to do the same things other apps in this article are doing. Also, it allows you to clone apps and use multiple accounts on them. The app has its own amazing interface and like 2accounts, it saves the data of the original app and the clone apps separately to avoid interference and clashing. Furthermore, it is easy to download on your Android devices and also allows you to receive notifications from every one of the accounts separately.


There are tons of apps created for your use that can give you the look of multiple accounts on the same device but, this article has the best apps that would give you advanced features, and that is why they are the 10 best clone apps you can find on the Internet.  Get yours today.


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