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10 Best Drawing Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

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Nowadays there are different ways human beings express their creative sides using graphical representation of objects or life forms in a drawing. In this digital age, you can use your smartphone device to draw unique and amazing artworks and graphical objects with drawing apps.

Drawing apps

Artists create masterpieces with deep thought and imagination. Although nothing can replace the unique and natural touch of brushes on the drawing board, or the splendid work of Art, let us not forget that we are living in a digital age where drawing apps, takes human creativity to advanced heights with given tools, effects, and techniques.

Today, we will explore a few of the best drawing apps available across all mobile devices.

10 Best Drawing Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Autodesk Sketchbook

drawing apps-Autodesk Sketchbook

Many drawing apps including Autodesk comes with a variety of tools and brushes with multiple drawing and editing techniques. Autodesk standout from these other apps. Also, its has exclusive features like layers and symmetry tools. In addition, a premium subscription on this app provides an expanded library of powerful drawing tools.

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  1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

drawing apps-Adobe Photoshop Sketch

To sketch means to replicate an original drawing in a more stylish way. Sketch, gives you a set of expressive drawing tools to choose from. It is also important to note that users can import assets from other creative cloud tools like custom made colors and drawing brushes. You can also export the drawing as PSD for Photoshop or flat images for illustrator.

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  1. ArtFlow: Paint Draw SketchBook

drawing apps-ArtFlow: Paint Draw SketchBook

A number of drawing apps mainly replicates advanced drawing software for Computing devices. A suitable example of this type of app is Artflow. Among one of the best drawing apps for Android, this app is said to be suitable for every age, and distinctive enough to help every human being express his/her creative drawing side. It also includes about 16 drawing layers and 11 blending modes with features like color adjustments, undo and redo buttons and more.

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  1. PaperColour: Paint Draw, SketchBook, PaperDraw

drawing apps-PaperColour: Paint Draw, SketchBook, PaperDraw

Ever thought of real-life drawing experience on your mobile device? PaperColour provides the actual tools that focus on providing real-life drawing experiences. It does this through its unique sets of brushes, and extensive graphics tools. Furthermore, with PaperColour users can import files from their mobile device in the app interface for more drawing and editing functions.

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  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

This app is a versatile and quick way to draw vector graphical representations on the iOS platform. Also, it is full of customizable pens and stylus and has the ability to create multiple layers for an image. In addition, it has import and export functions. Furthermore, this app supports a few software like desktop illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe ink and more. Also, you can import and export newly done drawings to these supported platforms for more functions.

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  1. SketchMaster: Drawing


This app is Android friendly, and has a very simple user interface, with multiple types of brushes and drawing tools, that makes it suitable for all ages. Sketch Master is said to be one of the simplest drawings apps for Android devices. It also comes with 3 layers and includes an extensive zoom option with import and export functions respectively.

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  1. Simple Draw: Drawing App

Simple Draw

Draw with a variety of colors and use multiple brush types to perfectly create your drawings. Also, Simple draw like its name is simple and easy to use, with a few features like its counterparts. Although, it is a quick and promising tool for beginners who are starting to draw digitally. It is an Ad and subscription-free drawing app. Download | Android | iOS |

  1. RoughAnimator – Animation App

RoughAnimator - Animation App

RoughAnimator like its name is a unique drawing app, that not only lets you create images, it also provides full provision for creating animations too. In addition, it has features like importing and exporting functions and saving and sharing options. This is a unique and popular app available to Android and iOS users respectively.

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  1. Medibang Paint – Make Art

Medibang Paint - Make Art

Medibang paint is a cool Japanese multi-platform drawing app designed with numerous comic art styles. Just like other drawing apps, it includes a variety of layers, rulers, brushes, snap guides, tracing aides and more. In addition, it comes with numerous tools like comic panels, lettering fonts, screen tones and more. It has multi-platform support that allows you to transfer your work between platforms.

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  1. Concepts – Sketch, Design, illustrate

Concepts - Sketch, Design, illustrate

Finally, the last drawing app on our list today is Concepts, Developed by Tophatch inc. This mobile app combines with ease the pen and paper style drawing. It also includes a 5 layer support, a vector brush, infinite canvas and support for a variety of Bluetooth active style from Apple, Adonit and more. It also has a free and paid version.

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You can now be more serious to develop your drawing skills with drawing apps. Also, if you lack the money for a real drawing studio or software, you can use these apps, to hone your drawing skills to its full potential. In addition, you can improve at a rapid pace with these apps. Finally, you can never know where your drawing might take you. Try them out today.

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