10 Best Emoji Apps For Android And iPhone

Nowadays, everywhere you go to, you will find people using a Smartphone. Also, you may discover that 9 out of 10 people are chatting. While they are chatting, you may find out that the emojis in your emojis box are either outdated or that the emojis others have are awesome. Theirs will naturally attract your interest and you would want to have those sets of emojis.

best emoji apps

Maybe you have been looking for a way to get those apps but your search has not been successful. Do not worry, because, in this article, I will be listing the 10 best emoji apps you can download on your Android and iOS devices, that you can use while chatting.

  1. GO Keyboard

best emoji apps-gokeyboard Go Keyboard is an amazing app that has tons of various types of emojis. This app is amazing to use as it comes with features you might not find on other apps. One of this feature this app has is allowing you to have access to assorted themes on the app. It also has many different kinds of emoji boxes you can select easily. For example, the emojis have various kinds of fonts and sizes you can choose from. This app is amazing to use and easy to get on any of your Android or iOS devices.

  1. SwiftKey

swiftkeySwiftKey is one of the best emoji apps that you can get easily, and use amazingly on your Android or iOS devices. This app has its own emoji box containing a lot of emojis you would find convenient for your use. It also has its own settings and different kinds of features you would like to use, like increase and decrease in font size for chatting and more. It also has various languages that you can easily select from.

  1. GiPHY

giphyThis is one of the most popular apps used by a lot of people on their Android and iOS, and it did not just get to be used by a lot of people because of its name. This app is not just good to use, it is also fun to use. It has a great interface and features you would love. You can use this app with any of your social media apps conveniently and it does not glitch or stop. It comes with a section that allows you to create funny stickers of images you have in your gallery.

  1. Bitmoji

bitmojiBitmoji is another app that is part of the best emoji apps to use for either your Android or iOS devices. It allows you to create a cartoon image and to create stickers with images in your device. This app is easy to use and does not restrict you from doing the things that you can do on other apps like, using it with other social media apps like Twitter and the rest of them. You will enjoy your experience on this app like the other millions of users.

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  1. Disney Emoji

best emoji apps-disney emojiDisney Emoji is another type of app that is fun and amazing you to use. This app lets you use Disney’s characters from their shows as an emoji. Very fun to use. This app has a lot of characters you can use from shows that have occurred or have been previously released like, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and more. This app is available for Android users and it is very convenient to use.

  1. Adult Emoji Icons

adult emoji iconsThis app is one of the popular best emoji apps used by a lot of people. It has a very good interface for use like most apps in this article. Download it on either your Android or iOS devices. It allows you to do a lot with its features including sending emojis to people you want to. The kinds of emojis this app uses, are mainly flirting emojis in high quality making it fun for you to use.

  1. Gboard

gboardGboard is an amazing app that is very efficient and easy to use. It mostly comes along with the keyboard used by Android users when they get their Smartphones for the first time. It has a very simple interface to use and follow. This app has other features you can use. It also comes with the GIFs option while chatting if, you ever want to use it on your iOS device.

  1. Emoji Maker

best emoji apps-emoji makerEmoji maker is a very quality app that has features similar to a lot of the best emoji apps in this article. You can easily download it for either Android or iOS. It comes with different features including, a lot of emojis of up to a thousand on the app. It also allows you to customize the kind of emojis you want, the way you want it and saves it on your device.

  1. Elite Emoji

elite emojiElite Emoji is another easy app you can get for Android and iOS users. It allows you to have fun stickers that you have used at your disposal. It allows you to even share these stickers with your friends or family. This app has a ton of emojis that you can use efficiently and comfortably.

  1. Keymoji

best emoji apps-keymojiKeymoji allows you to do most of the things just like other apps in this article. A secure emoji app to use with an amazing interface. An app that enables you to work with ease and also enables you to search for an emoji, by typing in keywords of the emoji. It is easy to use and available for download for iOS users.


People are searching for a lot of things that they need on the Internet. So, while you are searching for other emojis apps, be sure to download these apps in this list first because they are the best emoji apps you can get with the great features that will surprise you and your needs.


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