10 Best Find My Phone Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

Any good Find my phone app are mobile apps that will easily help you locate your missing Android or iPhone device using an in-built app map. Mobile device Security is important today because of the growing range of mobile phones. Also, Smartphone users could either lose their phones or they are stolen by thieves.

Find My Phone Apps

However, whatever the case may be, find my phone apps have been designed to assist Smartphone users to find their phones easily and more quickly. These apps can also perform some security actions like, remotely locking the device, playing a ringtone or even displaying a text message.

Let us look at the various find my phone apps we have for Android and iOS devices respectively.

10 Best Find My Phone Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. FoneHome

FoneHome Find my phone apps

FoneHome has great features and is notably one of the best find my phone app for iPhone devices. It is a very reliable and trustworthy app. It can track iOS devices, remotely take pictures using the device camera (in the case of theft). In addition,  it can also make VOIP calls from the Apps Website to your missing device. Download for iOS devices Now.

  1. Find My Phone (Android) App

find my phone apps

With more than 2.5 thousand reviews and five-star ratings, this app is in the list of the 10 best find my phone apps. This Android app updates real-time location and keeps updated tabs on lost Android devices.  Furthermore, it also uses an in-app GPS tracker to help you locate your lost device, with a history location feature. Finally, this app uses the history location feature option, to monitor your lost or missing device throughout the day. Get this Android app today.

  1. Device Locator: Tracks and Locates Family Members and Lost or Stolen phones

Device Locator

Device locator is a find my phone app, available to iOS users exclusively. This security-conscious app can track a list of devices at a time. For example, you can track multiple iPhone devices with this app, even if the devices are not running. In addition, this app has the ability to sound an alarm on the device, send a text message and even lock the mobile phone. It is an awesome app for finding lost iPhone devices. Download this app for iOS now to secure yourself from losing your phone.

  1. Find My Phone (Whistle)

 Find my phone apps (Whistle)

I know this app has a funny name, but it is true. With this Android app, you can find your phone quickly. The amazing ability of this app is actually its speed in finding lost devices. This is what differentiates it from many find my phone app for Android users. In addition, this app has a sound radar detector, that enables the program to do an audio search to easily find a missing device. It is quick and reliable. Download now from the PlayStore.

  1. Find My iPhone (iOS) App

Find My iPhone (iOS) App

Misplaced or stolen iOS devices can be easily located with an app of this grade. Locating and tracking your iPhone device is better and easier for iOS Users. With included options to lock device with a passcode, and guiding co-ordinates to the device location. Another good feature is that this app avoids general data loss. Find my iPhone (iOS) app is truly outstanding and if you use iOS phones, you should get it to secure your device.

  1. Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device

Developed by Google LLC to assist users to locate their lost Android devices easily. This app is the best app for finding lost Android phones. Furthermore, it has features like current location and last known location of devices. In addition, you can play alarm sounds at high volume and securely add a lock screen message to your lost device. Download this secure and wonderful app from the PlayStore now.

  1. Find Lost Phone App

Find Lost Phone App

In the case of theft, this app works best for tracking your lost device’s current location in real time, and sharing this useful information with security authorities, family members and even your friends so they can easily track you. The app has the option to ring your phone even in silent mode. Get this Mobile App for Android Now.

  1. Mobile Tracker For Android

mobile tracker for Android

When an Android device is stolen or lost, the new users usually remove the old sim card and put in a new one. Mobile tracker for Android can still send SMS messages to that device even after the sim card has been changed. Furthermore, the owner of a missing device can locate their lost phones, and delete important user files from it, using this Android app.

  1. Cerberus Phone Security

Cerberus Phone Security

Cerberus is one Android app that has been in the business of finding lost phones for some time now, Especially Android devices. It has cool security features like locking and resetting lost devices, sounding alarms and displaying messages. The best part is that you can use it for free. However, if you want the pro version with unlimited access to its features, you will pay $5-$43 yearly.

  1. Life360 – Family Locator

Life360 - Family Locator

This is a popular find my phone app, that helps users recover lost smartphones. Families can create a collection of users of this app among themselves. They can use the app to keep track of each individual’s locations through their Smartphones. Users should take note that this app, is more of a people locator than a device locator. However, you can still use it to find mobile devices. Try it out now on the PlayStore.


With the help of this find my phone apps, you can reduce the chance of device robbery, and loss of personal and information. With highly enhanced software’s to track and locate lost mobile devices easily, these apps are the best in the business. The next time you lose a phone or it is stolen, try one of these apps for quick and effective recovery.

Note: A few of these apps require that you register your device with them prior to the time your device was stolen or lost for easy identification and recovery. So, I suggest that you could securely add one or some of these apps to apps list in your mobile phone for security reasons.

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