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10 Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android And iPhone

Written by Rexs

I will be listing the 10 best free Karaoke apps for you to download. If you like entertainment and part of liking it is to sing graciously no matter the song playing, you would love the rest of this article. These karaoke apps will consist of the best features that you can use and apply to your singing, allowing easy to record your voice while you sing and more. You will definitely enjoy the experience some of these apps will give you.

best free karaoke apps

10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android And iOS.

1. The Voice

the voiceIf you looking for one of the best free karaoke apps, this is one of the apps. Originating from the talent show “The Voice”, the app is a worldwide app used by a lot of people that let you do a lot from singing along with your favourite song and artiste to recording your voice. It even allows you to enhance your voice if you want and then share with people around. You can get in on your Android and iOS devices.

2. SingPlay

singplayThis other amazing singing app allows you to also do the things every other app in this article does. It gives you an amazing experience from singing to recording yourself singing along with your favourite singers. This app comes with an amazing list of its own songs preloaded on the app. So, you do not have to bother downloading your own. Get this app for your Android devices.

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3. Baby Karaoke

baby karaokeThis app like the name implies is mostly for kids and not for adults, but does not mean they cannot also enjoy what this app has to offer. This app allows kids to enjoy themselves, as it does almost every basic thing other karaoke apps does. Get this app on your Android and iOS.

4. Red Karaoke

red karaokeAnother app similar to most apps among the best free karaoke apps, but has its own features also separating it from others. It has a feed that supports a gathering of people who can share their singing abilities among each other. Most other apps do not have this; only singing along and recording. That is why this app differentiates itself from others. You can get this app on your Android and iOS devices. It even encourages you to sing a duet allowing it to improve your singing abilities.

5. Sing Karaoke by Starmaker

sing karaoke by starmakerSing Karaoke by Starmaker is another popular app for singing that has a very vast amount of users all across the world just like “The Voice”. This app is easy to download for use on your Android or iOS devices. It also has a feature that allows you to add filters you can use to sing with people.

6. Karaoke by Yokee

karaoke by yokeeThis app is very easy to use and part of the best free karaoke apps that are most basic and like most other apps in this article. Download it for your Android and iOS devices. It has a vast number of songs for you to sing. This app allows you to share your recordings and singing with people around you.

7. WeSing

wesingWeSing is another amazing and best free karaoke app that allows you to sing and record like every other app in this article. It is easy to use as it even updates songs from time to time. Sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly for you to be updated. This app also records your performances due to what you recorded and rates you for them. It is available for Android or iOS.

8. Sing! Karaoke

sing! karaokeSing! Karaoke is another app that gives you quality and amazing song experience while on the app. You can get it on your Android or iOS. This app not only lets you record your audio performances but allows you to record a video performance also while you sing. It even allows you to enhance your audio recordings with effects and more. This app is really amazing for use.

9. Singa

singaSinga is one of a highly used best free karaoke apps that also has its own features in a package for you on your Android and iOS. This amazing app has thousands of singable songs on the app; you do not have to go download your own songs.

10. Sargam

sagramSargam is an amazing app that allows you to do the basic things every other karaoke apps does it lets you sing along to songs on the app. This app enhances your audio recordings. Also, it even allows you to sing along with other people like your friends or random people. The app is very good to use as you can get it on your Android or iOS devices.


A lot of people have a passion for singing so much they cannot go a day without singing. They share this ability with some other people. The love for the music is intense and that is why apps are being created for them to express that love on it. The apps listed in this article are the best free karaoke apps you would find having the best amazing features you can get on a karaoke app.

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