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10 Best Free Trial Games to Play

The internet makes playing free trial games attractive. They are not only attractive because they are free but because they are truly among the best games that you can get. Also, you will have a chance to play in higher-level games with more features if you pay for a premium download. And, the developer is offering in-app payment with a sample free game plus its full version.

free trial games

This gives you a chance to test the game before you buy it. So, you can keep those card games you normally play and try these free trial games for a change.

10 Best free trial games to play

List of free trial games

You can consider games on this list because they are among the best you can find on the internet. Let me analyze these games for you so that you can choose any in the list to start playing immediately.

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

free trial gamesFortnite battle royal is among the free trial games because it has made the new shooting-game genre popular. Moreover, the games keep millions playing across mobile, PC and game consoles all over the world. Fortnite battle royal is free and lots of people are playing it.

The idea behind the game is to survive in tower defense. In this game, you create a fort to protect human beings that survive from zombies.

How you play the game is that you take a Parachute and land in a field, pack supplies, guns, and ammunition. Also, you need to build some defensive protection and try to survive until the end of the game. With Fortnite battle royal’s popularity, games like PUBG, Apex, and others, better get ready for a tough fight for supremacy.

2. Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club resembles a dating sim or romance game and is one of the free trial games that will keep you in suspense. But the game is not about romance. As you play on, you have a feeling that there is something wrong and that a bad thing is about to happen to some young innocent girls. That is part of the twists in the game.

The story is about a group of allegedly innocent teens that love books. And as the story unfolds in new scenes, you will feel that something dreadful is about to happen to these girls. Your expectation of something ominous keeps you wondering about what will happen to these innocent school girls in the game.

3. Spaceplan Prototype

spaceplanIf you love Space and Potatoes and would love to play games that are strange, then the Spaceplan Prototype is one of the free trial games you should play. Because it will give you a lot of thrill. Besides, Spaceplan Prototype is an intensely unusual idle game that has a twist. The gameplay revolves around clicking buttons to unlock levels.

And, it has something outstanding to teach you about the human race. For example, it teaches about life, love, death and lots of potatoes. After playing the free game and if you like it, you can buy the full game which is $3 and it works on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Eve Online

Eve Online is another game in the list of free trial games. It has lasted for quite a while since it was launched in 2003 and it has a lot of following.

Eve Online is not only an economic and inventory-management simulator, but it comes with layers of player-on-player tricks. Also, there is collaboration and scheming going on.

The game offers a healthy economy in epic space battles in which the players could lose billions in a single click. The game offers High stakes and high rewards. Try it now.

10 Best free trial games to play

5. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter uses the popular action RPG series and turns it into a game without much role-playing but having a different kind of “action.”

In this game, you will supervise a vault.

Have you ever thought about what it will be like to live in one of those vaults? The fact is that the game puts you in charge of lots of resource management, real estate, and eugenics. And you have to put your workers in pairs with the hope that their union will produce better workers. To manage the plant, carry out research and fight to keep a giant rat that appears once in a while, away.

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6. Apex Legends

apex legendsAlthough Fortnite is without any doubt considered the most popular free trial game, you would also enjoy playing Apex legends and others. The developer is also the one that brought you Titanfall. Apex legend offers a 60-player deathmatch with teams made up of three people each. The aim of each team is to be the last one standing in Kings Canyon. In the game, you have to fight and plunder your way to survival.

You will rely on characters like Octane, an adrenaline junkie whose final move is to set up a jump pad that throws you into the air for sneak attacks. Also, you can download Apex Legends and use the majority of its characters without spending any money.

But you will have to pay some money to get access to some weapons skins and new characters like Wattson the intelligent electrical engineer who was added in Apex Legends season 2, in July.

7. Hearthstone

If you have ever played card games, it will take you a few minutes to learn the basics of the Hearthstone. It may look simple but it is highly intriguing and that is the reason it is in the list of free trial games. And the Warcraft-themed title is among the reasons it still has a lot of following even after 5 years after it was launched by Blizzard.

 Also, Blizzard keeps improving the game with new cards and balance tweaks. It has added single-player battles you would enjoy as options to the usual one-on-one showdowns. I know that players spend money to increase their card collection but there are free booster packs players can use. And since all the cards can be unlocked if you try hard enough, the game is still free.

10 Best free trial games to play

8. League of Legends

League of Legends is a game you should play because it is exciting and that is why it makes the list of the free trial games. The game tops the list of the most popular electronic sports games in the world.

And on a monthly basis over 100 million people play it. Besides, you can play it in all-night gaming sessions, either playing with a team of friends or alone.

Furthermore, there are many roles for any level of plying skill you have and the developer Riot Games keeps on improving the game with updates. And they also add new champions and a list of characters of up to 143 and keep upgrading the visuals.

9. Pokémon Go

free trial gamesPokemon Go, one of the free trial games we are exploring was released in 2016 with some flaws like trading and player-versus-player trainer battles. But the 2019 release took care of these omissions.  Like any other game, there will always be errors. But the main features which include walking around, outside spinning, Pokestop signs and catching critters makes the game unbeatable and useful for Pokémon fans.

While playing the game you will experience “research” quests and timed events that increase your expectation of the appearance of some monsters. This heightened anticipation makes you want to log in daily to play the game. And Niantic continues to raise the index of Pokedex to make sure the game keeps improving and you stay hooked.

10. Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of those games that are hard to understand. And it is only after you have put in hours of playing in the five-on-five MOBA that you will begin to understand how the game works. The game offers over 100 unique characters and team strategies.

However, because it is hard to play, it makes the victories you win really worth the effort. Besides you have to keep increasing your skills to play the game and means there is something new to learn each time you play it. And if you are able to progress to the professional ranks, a win will make you an overnight millionaire. Try it now.

Best Free Trial Games: Conclusion

In this post, we brought you 10 best free trial games to play. The games are diverse and full of intrigues and fun. Try them today as they are there to give you a lot of thrill, free.


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