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10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools 2020

Written by Bismark

Analytic tools are great marketing tools for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful data patterns. Also, no matter what you do whether, for business or technology, there is an essential need for an analytic tool for effective decision making. In addition, it is through analytic tools that we understand what works and what doesn’t and how to fix them and get back on track. This article will better help you to understand what Instagram analytic tools are and what you use them for.

Instagram analytic tools

Furthermore, Instagram is simple and easy to use social media platform that has one of the fastest registration processes than other social media networks. Although it works simply, a lot of analytic tools are required to effectively use this app and achieve better results. So, without further delay, we will be discussing 10 powerful Instagram analytic tools used for strategic marketing on the Platform.

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools

  1. IconoSquare

Instagram analytic tools-IconoSquare

Instagram marketers know this platform to be one of the oldest Instagram analytic tools. This tool was formerly known as Statigram. Iconosquare is simple and easy to use automation tool, with more than 39,000 marketing agencies and influencers around the world. In addition, Iconosquare can track and record numerous activities on Instagram like the statistical record of followers and Unfollowers, timeline likes, comments, block and unblocking activities as well.

Download | Iconosquare |

  1. Instagram Insights

Instagram analytic tools-Instagram Insights

This platform is an Instagram analytic tool that contains in-built insights on the basic statistics about your posts, timeline and profile respectively. In addition, with Instagram insights, you can as well as reach a collective part of your audience and gather more information about them like their location, gender and more.

Download | Instagram Insights |

  1. Union Metrics

Instagram analytic tools-Union Metrics

Everybody loves to grow their account and with union metrics. Furthermore, with this tool, a progressive growth system is assured. Also, this analytic tool includes different available packages to help track, record and improve your Instagram profile and timeline activities. In addition, it is simple to use

Download | Union Metrics |

  1. Instafollow for Instagram

Instagram analytic tools-Instafollow for Instagram

This tool is pretty straightforward in its use, it was designed to help track and manage the Instagram followers on your account, and also to tell you every little detail that happens on your profile, like your profile views, likes, comments, new followers and recent unfollowing reports. Furthermore, it is also a great content manager.

Download | Instafollow |

  1. Pixlee


Tracking contents and knowing how much effect they have on your audience is possible with this Instagram analytic tool. Pixlee was designed to improve user generated contents. It also has a simple and easy to use interface and provides all the necessary details at a single pace.

Download | Pixlee |

  1. Simply Measured

Simply Measured

Ever heard of a two in one analytic tool? Probably not, But, this application contains an Instagram management and analytic tool, that works effectively in tracking followers activity and managing your Instagram account. It is also an awesome tool and the choice of more than 1000 brands worldwide.

Download | Simply Measured |

  1. Squarelovin


Squarelovin is a free Instagram tracking tool for effective online marketing functions like insight on your Instagram account, profile activity tracking details, conversion statistics and more. In addition, you can increase profile engagements and more with this tool

Download | Squarelovin |

  1. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics

Schedule posts and automatically post directly to your Instagram account, track your timeline activity and get first-hand useful tips to grow and improve your Instagram marketing strategy. Hootsuite is a unique analytic tool. On this platform, you also have additional functions for optimizing your account.

Download | Hootsuite Analytics |

  1. Keyhole


Never run out of analytic strategies again, with the keyhole Instagram analytic tool. Engage your account in real-time tracking and get comprehensive results and vital tracking records too. Furthermore, it is one of the best Instagram analytic tools on our list today, for its fast results and functions.

Download | Keyhole |

  1. Buffer


Buffer is an all in one social media management tool that not only manages Instagram accounts but also manages other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and much more. Similarly, you can track your accounts’ progress with this platform, track and schedule post and check your growing engagements continually with this app.

Download | Buffer |


Finding the best contents and online opportunities are easier with Instagram analytic tools. You may want to use more than one of these tools to gather a comprehensive, and reviewable data on your account. If you do so, you will effectively carry-out your marketing plans and have successful marketing strategies to use. Also, as an Instagram influencer or marketer, these tools will open your eyes to more on the platform and help you understand what to improve on and the necessary things to remove.


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