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10 Best Mint Alternatives for budgeting

The best mint alternatives have been covered in this post. If you’ve been on the lookout for alternatives to the Mint budgeting app, then keep reading to learn more.

Mint budgeting app is one of the most popular budgeting and personal saving app. It is a free app that allows you to keep an avid glance on your finances situation by tracking all expenses and ensuring great money management.

10 Best Mint Alternatives For Budgeting.

mint alternatives

Developed in the year 2006, the Mint app has come a long away with many integrations. But nevertheless, when you look at the dynamics of the technological world you would understand that the mint app is some sort of old timer and there are newer fresher and more personalized apps. Therefore we bring you some of the finest Mint alternatives that you can use in place of the Mint budgeting app.

1. Personal Capital

Personal capital

The Personal Capital app is an essential and value app that allows you to stay ahead in your savings investments and spending accounts. This application is equally easy to use. It may be the right choice if your goals are more centred towards investments than expenses because it will be just about the right choice for that.

In addition, the personal capital app is equally free to use.


  • Expansive view of your finances
  • Excellent view of your investments
  • Support via many apps
  • Easy to use
  • Customized allocation of unknown assets
  • Great reporting
  • All inclusive wealth management free.


  • You can not customize asset allocation
  • Not much of budget tool
  • Inability to reconcile
  • Expensive to use in wealth management
  • No import option from Quicken
  • Sales call from the personal capital.

 2. YNAB


YNAB, an acronym for You Need A Budget is a very popular budgeting tool that can be used to keep your personal, student and family budgets know on an excellent scale. This is because it is not as expensive but has great synchronization abilities.

It is a great budgeting tool because it is focused on your rules:

  • Give every dollar a job.
  • Embrace your true expenses
  • Roll with the Punches
  • Age with your money.

Nevertheless, it does lack some of the tools that many of the innovative personal finance applications may have but it is still a great alternative to Mint.

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  • It is solely focused on budgeting.
  • It’s low cost about $50 for a year.
  • It ensures you have a true idea of every last penny in your account.
  • It is a great tool in even when you are in debt to help you get back on your feet with an excellent cutting budget.
  • It helps you use your money as a tool to achievements.


  • No phone or Email contact.
  • Lacks many financial tools.
  • Lacks two-step authentication, so you should be watchful about syncing your bank accounts.

3. Count About

Count About

Count About is an online service that allows you to create budgets and sync all transactions done from your account. With its unique setup, you can also import transactions from other Apps like Mint or Quicken. You can also generate reports so as to have an in-depth evaluation of your finances in the past.


  • Despite being online you can also use your smartphone.
  • Import Quicken or Mint transactions.
  • No Ads
  • Great Reporting


4. PocketSmith


PocketSmith is a web-based platform. It is a personal finance app that gives its users access to create budgets and calendars as well as analyzing spending patterns and generating projections of your financial picture based on budgeting scenarios. You can easily create budgets for the week,e day or even month. Starting from any day of your choice. It gives you an excellent way to track expenses, as well as income from quarterly taxes or freelance earnings. It’s easy and appropriate to manage your income plan. It also comes with an easy tool which can be used to create calendars for your future finances.


  • Flexible and convenient tool.
  • Ability to track one time events.
  • Ability to customize and create categories.
  • Ability to create google look alike calenders.
  • Its compatible with Mint


  • Not an easy user interface may take time to understand
  • Free versions very limited

PocketSmith has a free version but premium $9. 95 per month to unlimited access. The free version will only allow you to manually import transactions 12 budgets two accounts and perfect for only six months.

5. Quick Books Online

Quick books online

If you do need a fully automated account system then the quick books app is your perfect Mint alternatives apps. It is very unlike mint and will give you access to many accounting features such as the ability to reconcile your bank statements. Whatever your business if it is a part-time business full-time business or a full estate view. It is an excellent choice for you. In addition, quick books allow you a thirty days trial.



  • Easy and efficient accounting software
  • Online banking tool
  • Access to your smart device
  • Third party apps can be used


  • Poor customer services
  • Very difficult to import data

6. Banktivity


Banktivity six is an excellent personal finance app that allows an excellent budgeting functionality in your iOS device. It offers mobile synchronization to your Apple Watch, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. In addition, the Banktivity app supports multiple currencies as well as bill pay and investment options. It also has a newly improved feature which lets you track different expenses to your accounts.


  • Ability to support Macintosh
  • Private cloud sync
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Track expenses
  • Supports exporting of reports


  • Requires the latest Mac OS
  • Odd portfolio configuration

7. Tiller Money

Tiller Money

The Tiller app is a wonderful personal finance tool if you would prefer a spreadsheet. With the tiller app, you can create customized and up to date spreadsheets.

The Tiller app also allows you to synchronize your bank accounts to the tiller application. It is an excellent budgeting tool but definitely not the best choice for investments since it doesn’t support investment accounts.


  • Ability to split expenses
  • Beautiful customizable templates
  • Discounted for college students
  • Automatic updates
  • Stability to make summered daily


  • Works only on google sheets
  • Not always intuitive
  • No investment features

8. Quicken 


The quicken platform uses a window-based tool that gives you the ability to track all accounts as well as investments options.  The latest version also has cloud services and you can sync your desktop whenever you are online. There is also a version for Mac although not as functional as the windows version it is a highly functional account for both low income and exceptionally high-income earners.

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  • Excellent budgeting tool
  • Excellent way to monitor investment
  • Supports Bill pay
  • Expansive on the mobile platform


  • No outlook on the future
  • Synchronization might be a problem
  • Poor customer services
  • Required to use desktop software Mac or Windows

9. Moneydance


The Moneydance is a great alternative to the Mint App and will work best for the Mac when Quicken will fall short. It is similar in operations to your account the Quicken app. It allows for bank synchronization and is an excellent budgeting and personal finance tool.  It gives you access to create infographic outlooks of your account, therefore, giving you access to be able to evaluate and understand your true financial picture. The Moneydance app allows you free access for up to hundred transactions after which you will be required to buy out-rightly for $49.99.


  • A great alternative for Mac
  • Very easy interface
  • Bill pay and reminders.


  • Ability to transfer data from Quicken is very limited

10. PowerWallet


PowerWallet is an online tool that will serve not only as a great budgeting tool but also helps track expenses and in addition, helps you save money. It uses Groupon-like offers which are tailored to your spending. From which you can save a few extras. You are also awarded for your ability to save, add accounts and log in every day. The points you receive on a daily basis are used in sweepstakes where you could win prizes.


  • It is a great budgeting tool
  • it keeps track of all saving tools
  • could win prizes in its sweepstakes
  • It is a free budgeting tool


  • The PowerWallet does not have a mobile app

And there you have it, great alternative apps, you can use in place of your Mint app. I hope you found this interesting. feel free you tell us about your experiences with any of these apps.

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