10 Best OCR Software for Mac & Windows 2020

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is a type of software that covertly manages typed or hand-written documents of different formats. Software’s that enables you to convert documents such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images into editable or searchable data is an OCR software. On this page, we will be discussing the Top 10 OCR software for Windows and Mac.

Best OCR Software

Best OCR Software for Mac and Windows.

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat reader is a very popular Optical Character recognition software, you can say it’s also one of the most commonly used OCR software’s worldwide. Mainly used for reading and editing Documents in PDF formats. Formats supported by this software are PDF, paper, Photos etc. It has both Window and Mac OS support, this software also features a monthly subscription plan for its users to access its full features and capabilities. You can download for both Windows and Mac.

  1. PDF Element 6 Pro (Windows/Mac)

 PDF element 6 Pro

This software is considered a top priority and most functional in the OCR world of software because it not only functions as an OCR software, it is also a professional PDF editor. Any type of image or scanned PDF documents can be easily converted in formats like Ms-Word, text, Ms-Excel and even HTML as well. This software is available for Windows, Mac, IOS, and even Android.

  1. Microsoft One Note(Windows/Mac)

Microsoft One note

Microsoft one note is an all in one computer software program that enables you to convert PDF documents to editable text. You can convert PDF documents to Ms-word, Ms-excel and PowerPoint with this OCR software. The software is capable of splitting and merging PDF Files, this software also includes an in-built photo enhancement tool which improves photo visibility. It features additional features like document security, Objects, pictures and comments.

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  1. ReadIRIS (Windows/Mac)


ReadIRIS is a very efficient Optical character software used for just the scanning of documents. Additional features include business card recognition, page files for about 50+ formats, it also runs on Windows and Mac OS respectively.

  1. Soda PDF (Windows/Mac)

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another type of OCR software with a speciality in document conversion. This software can easily convert all types of files to PDF format. The amazing feature supports about 300 file formats, free access to various PDF services. It also supports Windows and Mac OS with an annual subscription fee.

  1. OmniPage (Windows/Mac)


OmniPage is considered to be the fastest and most accurate OCR software. This OCR software allows you to convert almost all types of file documents into editable PDF or Ms-word formats. OmniPage offers many healthy features like cross-platform support, multiple document type support. It is also easy to use, built for both Windows and Mac OS and it is a Paid OCR software.

  1. Abbyy Fine Reader (Windows/Mac)

ABBYY Fine Reader

Popularly known as a fine reader, this OCR software converts image documents into a format that can be easily edited and managed. It can be accessed by both Windows and Mac users. Additional features include text recognition support for up to 192 languages. This OCR software was developed by a Company named ABBYY, which is the fine reason for its name.

  1. Boxoft (Windows/Mac)


This OCR software is very handy and works quite efficiently. The capabilities of this software are to extract text from images to scan paper documents and convert them into editable text. The tool has efficient language support. It is fast in services delivery with a very user-friendly interface. Boxoft supports both Windows and Mac OS respectively.

  1. OnlineOCR.net


OnlineOCR.net is actually a web-based OCR software with functions like any other OCR software. Only that it is free and converts files in image format to text formats. A key way of accessing all the User functions of onlineOCR.net is for you to register on their website. You don’t have to download or install this OCR software on your computer, Once registered on the online platform, you instantly have access to all it features for free. Because of its web-based nature, it is fast, secure and easy to access.

  1. Gimage Reader

Gimage Reader

Gimage Reader is a decent OCR software with an interface that is easy to understand and very intuitive. With this OCR software, you can remove pictures contents over texts. You can either filter of separate picture contents with this OCR Software. Additional features like screen capture are also available. The technique to separate contents is extremely straight forward and the transformation process is quick.



Best OCR software

There will always be a need for rare functions like converting image files into documents or PDF files to Ms-word and whenever the need arises we can trust the above-listed OCR software for Windows or Mac to help us stand up to the task.


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