10 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Why would you need the best parental control apps for iPhone? Nowadays, getting a smartphone is easy and one of the social things to do in this internet world. Older teens feel the need to have a smartphone before they get into actual adulthood, and this was like 8 years ago. Now, with the technological advancement of this age, the younger teen feels the same way! It is a scary truth. best parental control app for iPhone

Kids these days use smartphone much earlier than their older brother or sisters did. To some parents, this is worrisome, because of the vast range of online contents, while to some it is safe, as they can text or call and even track their kids anytime. Now, whichever the case, parenting control apps are to a certain degree necessary if you want your child to grow in a suitably and well-mannered way.

As you read this article, you will find 10 best parental control apps for iPhone and Android that will better help you monitor your kid’s mobile and online activities in the best possible way.

10 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone.

  1. Secure Teen Parental Control Screen Time Manager

Secure Teen Parental Control Screen Time Manager

Secureteen is an awesome app, actually one of the apps for parents on the Apple and PlayStore. It enables parents to keep a keen eye on children online and mobile activities in a more secure way. It includes a set limit time for cell phone or tablet usage, screen time and more. You can also monitor all text messages sent and received and also supervise call details with this parenting app. Tracking for Facebook and social media activities are included.

  1. Kaperskysafe Kids Family GPS


If you are looking to blocking auspicious apps and personalize a list of sites and browsers for your child? Kaspersky is the recommended app for you as a parent. As it will block adult contents and manage your kids’ usage of apps. It also includes features like a summary report and access to blocked sites request option. You can also manage the rules on this app via my Kaspersky. Available on the PlayStore and AppleStore Now

  1. Kids Place Parental Control App

Kids Place Parental Control App

Looking for the best app for Android? You just found it. This parenting control app can restrict and allow access to certain apps. With this app, you can also activate blocking options, for purchases from google play. It includes many more features like a “don’t allow new apps to download” option. Get this app for Android now.

  1. MMGuardian Parent App

MMGuardian Parent App

MMGuardian is the best parenting control app in keeping teens safe. With awesome features like an SMS tracker, app tracker web and call filter and much more. Tracking and blocking unwanted SMS and voice calls with this app is easy. you can also track and block unwanted WEB URL with an age-based filtering feature. Get this app from the PlayStore Now.

  1. Parental Control and Screen Time by Kidslox


This is one of the best parenting control apps available to Android users. With a parenting control app of this kind you can easily block your child’s access to adult contents and apps, you can also alter and block auspicious search browsers results. A personalized list of blocked and allowed sites and apps can be created for children. As you easily manage in-built app rules and also check a daily summary report on your device. Cool features like education tips for kids on digital dangers and online security threats are also included. Get for Android now.

  1. Safe Browser Parental Control and Website Filter

Safe Browser best parental control app for iphone

Your child’s safety and security is a priority, and with apps, they can be securely managed and controlled from the dangers related to internet and technological online exposures. With a parenting app like safe browser parental control, you can keep your child safe by applying advance internet filters, web filters and superior content filters to their internet browsers, thereby blocking everything malicious from their internet life. Download for Android Now.

  1. MSpy Lite Mobile Tracker App

MSpy Lite

This mobile app works as a real-time Gps tracker that checks the real-time GPS location of your child. Features like a panic and alarm button can be added to your child’s phone in cases of emergency. You can also set up virtual defences that track your child every time he/she leaves or enters a place. With selected notification means included. You can also have access to their contact list, and call logs too. Download for your iOS device Now.

  1. Kids safe browser app with parental control

Kids safe browser app

With this app, parental control features can be accessed from both devices and remotely from this apps website http://kpsb.kiddoware.com. This is among the paid parental control apps for iPhone users.

users, it also offers a free 30 days trial account for personalized web content filtering on account creation. Blocking of websites with adult contents of various categories can be easily done, even games can be blocked too. A personalized list of allowed and block sites can be created with specifically managed rules to follow. Download on your iOS devices Now.

  1. Parental control and kid tracker

kid tracker

This app features an in-built blocker for internet and apps at a single touch. You can also set up virtual traps in the form of fences and get notified whenever your child crosses them. This parenting control app can block specific apps and track your kid’s location. You can also check which apps are available on your child’s mobile phone and get an alert whenever a new app is installed on their phone. Get this parental control app for the iPhone now.

  1. Famisafe – Parental Control

Best parental control app for iphone - Famisafe

Available to iOS users, Famisafe has features like a real-time location for children. With available options like browser history logs, to check your if your kid has visited any unusual and suspicious websites. A provision like pre-block harmful sites and virtual locations are included. Download for iOS devices now.


The above-listed best parental control apps for iPhone are also available for Android devices. A handful of them has payment options to fully access their features. You might be a single parent or still together with your spouse. These apps are a good choice to monitor and supervise your child mobile and online activities. Try them out.

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