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10 Best Piano Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

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Did you know that playing the piano can help fight depression and anxiety? You may be learning to play the piano either as a new hobby or for some professional purposes. Whatever the case may be, playing the piano can add joy and a lot more to a person’s life. Also, there are piano apps that can help you learn to play fast.

Piano Apps

According to a study by Statista, it was found that there were about 2.8 million piano apps on Google play store and, about 2.2 million on the Apple app store. Those are huge numbers searching for a good piano app. Also, you would need to sift through these numerous apps to get the best. That is a huge task that we are taking off your shoulders today. Furthermore, in this article, we have carefully researched and compiled this list 10 of the best piano apps available for Android and iOS devices for your reading pleasure. Let us walk you through the list now.

10 Best Piano Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

piano apps-Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Playing an instrument gives us an acute sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This app helps fuel that appeal, its basic interface is a foundation for piano learners. On this app, you can learn to play by following the guided sheet music to the key associated with it. One amazing thing about this app is it’s listening feature. This app listens to your piano playing style and tunes it to guide you on how to improve and play better.

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  1. Magic Piano

piano apps-Magic Piano

Looking for an app that can help you learn to play piano on your mobile device? Magic piano is that mobile application. This piano app can give you basic playing foundation skills like timing, rhythm, and keynotes. In addition, it was originally designed to teach piano learners in a fun way, this app includes a game feature. Also, you can play fun game tutorials to improve and learn to play better.

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  1. Pianist HD

piano apps-Pianist HD

Virtual keyboards are designed to mimic real piano. With pianist HD, users have the in-app information’s on the keyboard and it features, with authentic vibrations that make you feel like you are playing a real keyboard. Also, this app is authentic and allows you to learn smartly at your own pace and time.

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  1. Magic White Piano: Music Tiles

piano apps-Magic Music Tiles: Piano Dream

It is fun using a piano app with features to challenge you daily. Magic white piano app contains in-app game features that challenge users with improvement tips and levels. Also, this app has impressive sound effects and amazing classic songs that keep users addicted and playing. The in-built games on this amazing piano app are easy to play but challenging to master. You can take on the challenge if you want.

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  1. ORG 2020

ORG 2020

With more than 1000 musical instruments and 3 low latency methods, this app ranks as one of the best piano apps for Android. It contains thousands of rhythms and drums. It also includes features like a joystick, effects Ribbon, and filters. Also, you can now easily record using your mobile device as a microphone with amazing audio filters. Finally, you can connect to a real musical keyboard with our Android piano app via a USB midi cable.

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  1. Piano With Songs

with songs

Originally this app was designed for both piano learners and professional musicians alike. It is exclusively available to iOS devices and contains a large catalog of your favorite piano songs. You can also perform songs on this app. In addition, it also provides performers with a real-time experience like it were actual instruments been used.

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  1. Best Piano

Best Piano

Carry your piano wherever you go, with this portable virtual keyboard app. This wonderful piano app is notably one of the best virtual piano teacher apps. Also, it is a perfect combination for piano learners and advanced players. Similarly, it has multiple features like a multi-touch option, learning and recording mode, tablet support with loading and saving songs options. This app is absolutely free of cost and works perfectly across all Android screen resolutions. In addition, it also supports about 2 languages too.

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  1. Grand Piano Keyboard & Metronome

Grand Piano Keyboard & Metronome

Grand piano is a sophisticated piano app, with an easy to use and friendly interface. There are options to learn also included in the app. In addition, it has popular piano songs that are regularly updated to enhance your regulated learning performance. Learning with a grand piano is quite easy because you can customize your learning speed, pause or take a break after lessons and so on. For advanced players, you can use it as a normal regular piano.

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  1. Piano Keyboard


Specifically designed to help you play at any speed and without much effort. In addition, this virtual keyboard has one of the easiest ways to use a piano app for Android. Its instruments are of high quality with low latency, features a multi-touch property. It also has a learning and recording mode and the piano keys start from 10 to 24 and it works in Tablet phones.

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  1. Organ Piano 2019

Organ  2019

With beautiful colorful keys and amazing effects, this perfect organ piano app is the last on our list today. Also, this app is easy to use with a beautiful and simple user interface. In addition, it produces perfectly high-quality sounds that make playing awesome and melodious. Furthermore, there are additional features like a multi-touch organ keyboard on this app.

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Many people desire to learn how to play the piano, but give up the idea due to the thought of the long boring hours of learning music notes. Learning to play the piano doesn’t require spending long hours in halls anymore or buying a very expensive piano. These days, there is an easy way to learn, via amazing piano apps. Also, you can learn to play with the apps on our list today. In addition, with these apps, you can learn basic piano skills, read music score and chords, and develop real playing techniques and keep improving on a daily basis, all from the convenience of your Smartphone device. Is this not awesome?  If you consider that you may have searched fruitlessly until now for the opportunity to learn. Well, your time is here at last. Try a piano app today.

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