10 Best Quote Apps for Android And iOS

This article has a list of the best quote apps. So, what are they? These apps will lift your spirit daily and keep you inspired to help others in the same boat. Therefore, if you like to either read or listen to motivational quotes to lift your spirit, you should pay attention to this article. Moreover, we shall analyze the best quote apps which are available for you to download on your Android or iOS device.

best quote apps

10 Best Quote App for Android And iOS.

  1. Brilliant Quotes

best quote appsBrilliant Quotes is a very efficient app to use for Quotes. This app has a feature that gives you “Quote of the day” daily, randomly by push notification. It has more than 250 authors including writers, leaders, spiritual thinkers, and great philosophers. You can get this app easily for your Android and iOS.


  1. Best Life Quotes

best life quotesBest Life Quotes app, has an interface that you can use to search and find more quotes. There are different types of quotes on this app. You get daily notifications of quotes. Also, the quotes are sorted into categories. These quotes are there to motivate and keep you happy. The user interface enables you to share quotes with friends to family members. You can get it on your Android and iOS.

  1. Buddha Quotes

buddha quotesBuddha Quotes is a popular app among the best quote apps on this list.  It gives you daily Buddhism quotes with wallpapers. Also, you can share the quotes with people on your social media accounts. In addition, Buddha Quotes has an audio feature that allows you to make an audible quote for others to listen to. Download this app for your Android and iOS devices.


  1. Heart Touching Quotes

best quote appsHeart Touching Quotes is another popular best quote app. It has similar features to other apps. This app gives you motivational and inspirational quotes on a daily basis. Also, you get heartfelt quotes that you can share with people around you. This app is available for your Android and iOS devices.


  1. Color Cap

color capColor Cap is another app with its own features. We included it on the list of best quote apps because it has unique features. Such as many fonts and background options that you can use. This popular app lets you type out the kind of text you want on an image. In addition, you can create your own quotes and edit it. Finally, you can add funny faces to your quotes. This app is available for your iOS devices only.

  1. Daily Quran Verses

daily quran versesDaily Quran Verses is another amazing app, like the name states, it is an Islamic app that has powerful quotes with deep meanings attached to them.  This app lets you know powerful and useful quotes in the holy book. One of its features is that it gives you daily quotes. Another one is that it allows you to get quotes of the previous day, week or month. This enables you to read them many times. You can get this app on your Android or iOS.

  1. Textgram

textgramTextgram is another app that allows you to edit your quotes if want to do so. Also, you can make new quotes of your own which you can delete if stop serving their purpose. You can add texts to an image, save them and share the quotes with others. Android and iOS users can download it.


  1. Phonto

best quote apps - PhontoThis is another app that is in the list of the best quotes apps. You can use it with ease. Phonto, allows you to create your own quotes. Also, you can customize and edit them by adding font sizes, styles, and color. In addition, It has other features that allow you to write text and put shadows and stroke in them for free. In addition, the app has more than 390 fonts in different categories. It also allows you to download fresh fonts of your choice if you do not like the fonts that came with the app. It is easy to get on your Android or iOS.

  1. Text2Pic

text2picText2pic is similar to other apps in the list of best quotes apps. It is similar to Phonto. This app lets you create and edit your own quotes using your own images. You can add several images with your quotes and save your work and share with others. You can easily get it on your iOS devices.


  1. InstaQuote

best quote apps - InstaQuoteInstaQuote is another app that lets you create and edit images properly. This app has many features you can use to edit quotes. For example, you can change brightness, saturation, and contrast while editing. Get this app easily on your Android and iOS device.


In this article, we showed you the best quote apps you can get online. They have different features but they help to lift your spirit up. So, you can help others who need inspiration too. Download yours today in Android or iOS.


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