10 Best Rap Music Apps for Android And iOS

You may be someone that love songs but love listening to rap music, and wish to rap along while the song is playing on your device. Furthermore, as you rap along you may also develop an interest in rapping yourself. So, if you are shy and unsure of how your voice or rhymes sound, do not worry anymore because there are apps that enable you to rap. In this post, I will be listing 10 of the best Rap apps you can use on either your Android or iOS devices.

Best Rap Apps

10 Best Rap Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Rap Wars

Best Rap Apps-Rap WarsThis is a very good app to use on your iOS devices. As it allows you to do a lot on it, from recording your rap lyrics on it. You can also listen to other raps from different people and improve yourself. It is also fun to use as it allows you to start a rap battle among your friends and other people.

  1. Rap to Beats

Best Rap Apps-Rap to BeatsRap to Beats is another good app to download among the best rap apps on your Android devices. Every app comes with its own features, as this app comes with its own. One amazing feature it provides you with is the ability to allow you to record your rap and save them on your Smartphone. It also allows you to send the recordings to people across media platforms like sound cloud and a lot more others.

  1. AutoRap by Smule

Best Rap Apps-AutoRap by SmuleAutoRap by Smule is one of the other rap apps you can download on devices. This app is very easy to use as it provides you with features enabling you to use it with ease. The app has more than 100 different beats embedded in it allowing you to use it to rap. The app has different modes of rap like talk, remix, rap battles, and rap. While you record on your Android and iOS devices it enables you to save you rap.

  1. The Art of Rap

Best Rap Apps-The Art of RapThe Art of Rap is a good app to use as it is available on iOS devices. After you are done recording your rap on this app, it allows you easily share with people around you. The app even provides you with a feature that allows you to create your own beats very easily. The app requires you to have an account enabling you to sign in and view the work of other rappers.

  1. RapChat

RapChatRapChat is another available app you can use for your Android or iOS devices. The app is very easy to use as it allows you to use more than 100 different beats in it. Allowing you to easily select any of them and turning them into a rap song of its own. One other feature the app has is providing you with a notepad where you can write your words.

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  1. Battle Me

Battle MeBattle ME is another top app you can download on your devices. It provides you with normal and basic features the other apps in this article gives you. You can easily create your own songs from the beats and other features it has on it. The app has one other feature allowing you to share your rap songs with people around you on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. OffTop

OffTopOffTop is a very good app to use on either your Android or iOS devices. The app has a lot of features you can use for rap. One feature is to allow you to post your own rap songs after you have recorded them using its different beats and instrumentals.

  1. Music Maker Jam

Music maker JamMusic Maker Jam is one amazing app to use on your devices. As one of the best rap apps, you can easily use it to do a lot. The app has a number of fantastic instrumentals you can use. From rock to pop to drums and a lot more others you can use while you record. You can get this app for your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Rap Studio

Rap StudioRap Studio is an amazing app you can download on your Android to iOS devices. The app is very easy to use as it accommodates more than 50 different vocal tracks. You can easily create and record your own rap songs on the app.

  1. Rapscript

RapscriptRapScript is another one of the best rap apps you can use to test your rap abilities. Get it for your Android and iOS devices. Also, it enables you to record your rap and to know your Limit. In addition, the app enables you to know the extent of your rap by giving you different levels of rap.


Falling in love with music and rap is not something new today. As our father and grandfathers loved them, we also love them but having the talent to sing especially to rap is not something everyone can do. So, to test your talent, I provided you with 10 of the best rap apps that you can use. Try them and send feedback on your progress.

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