10 Best Red Eye Removal Apps for Android And iOS

Do you have a red eye that you would like to get rid off? Do your red eyes affect the pictures you take? If yes, you may have been dealing with this for a very long time and do not know how to take care of it. Well, do not look any further as I present to you Apps, that would enable that problem to go away. In this post, I will be listing 10 Best red eye removal apps that you can use, to remove red eyes when you take a picture. Also, you can get it for either Android or iOS devices.

red eye removal apps

10 Best Red Eye Removal Apps for Android And iOS

  1. Visage

red eye removal apps -VisageVisage is a very good app to download and use on your Android or iOS devices. The app is a quality app that gives you the ability to change your image into what you want. It also gives you the capacity of adding effects in case you want to beautify your image. The app has features that can scan the red eye on the image change it.  In addition, it can also scan your skin and analyzes it for roughness and makes it smooth.

  1. Pixlr

red eye removal apps -PixlrAnother good red-eye removal app you can use is Pixlr. Also, this app enables you to have standard quality as part of its functions. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. Other features include more than 600 separate effects, an amazing interface, and assorted frameworks. It is available for Android and iOS users.

  1. YouCam Makeup

red eye removal apps -YouCam MakeupYouCam Makeup is one of the amazing apps you can download easily on your Android or iOS devices. This app uses a lot of effects and also has features that enable you to remove red-eye from images. In addition, it has skincare analysis like most other apps that make your skin smooth and to glow. Another effect in the app is a feature that enables you to change the tone of your eyes, your brows, your teeth, and many more.

  1. Eye Color Studio

red eye removal apps -Eye Color StudioEye Color Studio is a good app that you can download and use on your Android or iOS device. The app allows you to change the colour of your eye to any colour you want. This app has a premium version and a free version. This app gives you different features for your red-eye removal. You can still change your red eye on either of the versions though.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express is another fantastic app on the list of red eye removal apps. Like all the other apps, it has its own unique features that it offers you as you can also download it on your Android or iOS devices. Also, you can use this app as a collage maker and a photo editor. In addition, after you are done changing your red-eye, you can save the image on your device storage.

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  1. Facetune

red eye removal apps-FacetuneThis app is like other apps but its quality contents are amazing. The app is also available on Android or iOS devices. In addition, it also has features that detect rough patches on your skin like pimples, boils, moles and other things. Also, the app automatically removes those things just by an easy swipe. Finally, it also allows you to change your red-eye plus any other effect you want.

  1. Cymera

cymeraCymera is a very popular app that you can also use on either your Android or iOS devices. Also, it has different effects and features that allow you to change images. This app like some of the others mentioned in this article gives you a collage maker. You can easily select any collage you want and a lot more. In addition, you can share the changes you have made to your friends and family.

  1. BeautyPlus

red eye removal apps-beauty plusBeautyPlus is another app that presents and gives you different beautiful features. Also, it is like the other red eye removal apps.  This app allows you to change your red-eye to any other colour you want. Furthermore, this app allows you to change other things like the brightness of your teeth and the contour of your skin and to a lot more other things. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. PicShop Lite

PicShop LitePicShop Lite is a popular app you can use with amazing quality and features. Also, the app is generally known to be a photo editor that comes with a lot of effects. It also allows you to change the colour of your red-eye. This app like BeautyPlus and other apps, allow you to change the brightness of your teeth and the more. It is also available for Download on your Android or iOS devices.

10. Eye Lens Color Changer

red eye removal apps-Eye Lens Color ChangerEye Lens Color Changer like the name implies allows you to change the color of your eye to whatever color you prefer. You can download it on your Android and iOS devices. Also, one of the reasons why it is one of the best eye removal apps is its ability to give you various colors to change your red eye into. From blue, grey, sky blue and a lot more others.

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There are various ways to change your red eye in pictures but, it is understandable if you did not know that there are apps that enable you to do so. This article lists 10 of the best red eye removal apps that you can use. Get your own today and start using it.

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