10 Best Speedometer Apps for Android And iPhone

With the development of mobile apps, Human beings now have access to essential tools that would be expensive and even harder to find if they were ever invented. An example of what I’m talking about is the Speedometer app.

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A speedometer app is loaded with features that cannot be contained in a box. This mobile technology has taken us beyond the limits of speed measuring things we can do and options before this time we have accessed. With these apps, you can now measure the speed of almost anything from a moving cycle to a train, even a moving car can be measured with this mobile tool.

Our mobile phones can do a lot of useful and amazing things. Therefore, we have to be particularly conscious about its unique capabilities and optimally maximize them. It’s why articles like this have been written to better educate people on how to effectively and efficiently use their mobile devices for a most memorable experience. Without any more delay, let us quickly explore the amazing contents of about 10 best speed measuring apps for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Speedometer Apps for Android And iPhone.

  1. Speedview: GPS Speedometer

Speedview: GPS Speedometer

Speedview like the name is a speed measuring app that uses mobile device Global positioning system (GPS) to measure and record accurate speed results. You can use it to measure the speed and distance of moving objects accurately, it also includes a compass and a statistical recording log for all records.

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  1. Speedometer Free Speed box App

Speedometer Free Speed box App

This app includes all the speed measuring features you can think about. It can easily measure your speed and distance in the various units like Mph, Kmh and knots. In addition, it also contains 3 beautiful themes and an in-built compass, all designed to better your speed measuring experience with your smartphone.

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  1. Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse is more than just a speedometer. The app contains a bunch of driving tools and accurately provides useful information to better enhance your driving measures and skills. For example, after driving, you can view the history of your drives and have access to pieces of information like your average speed, overall distance, movement periods etc.

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  1. DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer

Another fine and very minimalistic app that has got what it takes to be the best speedometer app today is Digihud. It is a cool app with a lot of very cool features. Other than measuring speed limits, average distance and time, it can also work in a background mode with features like email checker, real-time GPS network and more.

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  1. Speedometer GPS Pro

Speedometer GPS Pro

This app provides a convenient way to actually measure distance, average distance, time, speed, average speed, altitude and more. You can save these records for future and later use. GPS pro contains 3 modes, two modes are exclusive for cars and bicycle respectively. The other mode is one of the coolest features of this app, it a map mode that is as efficient and useful as google maps.

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  1. Speedometer (No Ads)

Speedometer (No Ads)

Other than the No intrusive ads obvious feature, this app has one of the coolest and very stylish speedometer themes. With the normal and very basic speed measuring features. There are no actual rooms for recording or history management, but it is a very user-friendly and working app.

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  1. Speedometer (iOS) App

Speedometer (iOS) App

Notably, this is one of the simplest speedometer apps known to mankind. This iOS device app only shows black and white imagery of the measured speed in various units. These units can be quickly changed in the settings box to suit different personal records.

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  1. Speed Tracker Lite

Speed Tracker Lite

Another app on our list with a very good-looking and comprehensive interface is Speed Tracker Lite. It functions maximally as a speedometer with its basic functions like accurate readings of speed, top speed, distance, time and more. You can also set limit alerts with this app. more features like a trip tracker that tracks and memorizes your trip route, distance and time taken.

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  1. Speedometer Free Speed Limit Alert + GPS Black Box

Speedometer Free Speed Limit Alert + GPS Black Box

If you are one of those drivers who sometimes doesn’t notice they drive way too fast, this Speedometer app is highly recommended for you. when you exit your preset speed limits,.The app interface changes from green to red and alerts you of the danger. It can also measure your average and max speed, altitude, distance and time. More features like an in-built iPod player are also included in the app.

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  1. HUD Widgets

HUD Widgets

Every driver should have something like this; an app that contains speedometer widgets that obviously displays your time, distance, weather conditions and Eco-driving options. It can also count your fuel consumption and readily score your driving skills, telling you what place to improve on, as you drive.

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Having a reliable speedometer app as the above ones mention on our list today, is a good safety move for conscious drivers. While using speedometers apps, ensure that your mobile phone is in a place where you can actually see it. If you don’t mind you can attach a phone holder just next to your steering. So, you can effectively use it to manage your driving and monitor your speed limit and even track your routes conveniently.

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