10 Best Stretching Apps for Android And iOS

Stretching Apps will do you good if you like exercising to keep fit, in the day, night or anytime. We know that exercising makes your muscles to ache. Also, coupled with long tiring days, you would sometimes get a muscle cramp. To get the relief, you must go into muscle stretching routines. Of course, most people know the basic routines that give temporary relief.best stretching apps

In this post, we shall give you a list 10 of the best stretching apps that you can download and use on both your Android or iOS devices. These apps could give you permanent and soothing relief.

  1. StrechIt

stretching appsStrechIt is one of the first and apps for stretching you can download on your Android and iOS devices. This app shows you techniques you can watch in video footage laid with instructions you can follow. Also, it has various types of training that you can follow from yoga techniques to Pilates and more. Try this app today.

  1. Pilates

pilatesPilates is another top app that you can download for stretching. This app gives you the easiest ways to help your body. In addition, it gives you tips and a diet schedule so that you know what to eat to improve your exercise routines. You can also do Pilates from it. You can easily download it on your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Stretching Sworkit

stretching sworkitStretching Sworkit is part of the best stretching apps that you can download for your Android and iOS devices. It allows you do most basic things other apps permit in other to help you get your fitness in order. Furthermore, it also shows you things to work on from your cardio,  yoga and your strength and more. In addition, you to create your own personal type of training, from full body exercises and more.

  1. Track Yoga

stretching appsTrack Yoga is a fun and stable app to use for training, stretching and other features. Also, if you use this app, it will contribute to your flexibility and make you healthy and strong. It focuses mainly on yoga for your body. In addition, it gives you tips and features to use to help you lose weight. The yoga routines will also help you to gain more ability to stretch and move around easily. You can get all this using a Smartphone. Get the app for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Bodyweight Fitness

bodyweight fitnessBodyweight Fitness is another quality app to use. It is efficient in helping you gain more ability and form in stretching. In addition, this app is easy to use just as it is easy to download on either your Android or your iOS devices. This app gives you the ability to track the number of workouts you have, it is very easy to use and it sustains and keeps your health in check.

  1. Home Workout

home workoutIf you are a fitness person or you are just involved with anything fitness, it is likely you have heard of this app. Home Workout is an amazing stretching app that allows you to do a lot stretching. For example, you have high definition videos of more than 55 different unique stretches that you can use at home on either your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Stretching Exercises

stretching exerciseStretching Exercises is another fantastic app you can use on your Android and iOS devices. It allows you more than 100 different stretching exercises. Also, you can move your body parts more when you use the app. Furthermore, you gain a lot from the exercises on this app which could increase your muscles and flexibility, plus other things.

  1. Upper Body Workouts

stretching appsUpper Body Workouts is one of the popular stretching apps that enable you to learn skills and techniques from your Android or iOS devices. In addition, this app shows you workout techniques you can use for your upper back, your chest and your shoulders. Furthermore, it has more than 70 different types of stretching techniques that you can do.

  1. 8fit

8fit8fit enables you to do similar things other apps in this list help you to do. Routines like stretching and other basic things too. In addition, it gives you nutritional tips that you can use to eat the right meals. Also, it helps you build muscles and allows you to stretch to the best of your ability. Finally, this app is available for download on both your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Stretch Timer

stretching apps Stretch Timer is another amazing app. It is easy to use. Also, it has features on the interface that will help you to do has different kinds of workout routines from reps to stretching and a lot more. There are also other workout methods that you can use. You can also use it on your Android and iOS devices.


There are tons of apps created to enable you to stretch better. Though, there are many in the market, the ones listed in this article, are among the best stretching apps you can use and get a good outcome. Hence, we are recommending that you download anyone from the list for your Android or iOS devices.

Use them and send us feedback. Do share this post on social media.


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