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The Best Used Laptops 2016: Reliability or Credibility

Written by Abe Cherian

Who produces the best laptops? Is it real to find a laptop, which does not need the extensive repairs? Why do the most reliable laptops go out of order? How to buy the most guaranteed device? You can get the answers these and many other important questions in this article.

You want your new laptop, or other portative device, to be guaranteed, working for hours without any problems. Before to find the best laptop model, let’s comparably think of cars: they have been producing for years without the visible constructive changes. Thus, it is easy to make the full statistic observation concerning the cars usual repairs. The situation with laptops is quite different.

To be or not to be

Frankly speaking, it is useless to look for the best used laptops model! How comes it? The reliability of your laptop can be proved by the time. People usually change their portative devices very often. It is difficult to speak about their reliability and high quality. Each laptop model is produced no more than once a year. Each of them has more than 10 upgrades, which are also influence to the laptop reliability and useful life. That is why, each of laptops, which is on sale in this moment, can be a true candidate to become the most reliable and the best laptop of the year. To be or not to be – it is better to define just two years later. Obviously, this model won’t be available to buy in the shops then.

Much as I hate to admit it, all laptops, cheap or expensive are made of the same component parts and according to the same technology. If your cheap used laptop is broken, you think that it would be great to buy something more expensive. If your cool and expensive device is broken, like Apple or Sony, you will be surprised a lot! You will repair it and buy the same model the next time. You know what, people usually believe in the good name of the laptop-producers company. They think, if they had a budget laptop, it would be broken very often. As a rule, people do not know that the key point of the laptop reliability is not a brand or price, but characteristics.

If you believe, there is nothing to change your mind. Can you explain why did you buy the expensive Apple model? Oh, that is all APPLE! There are many special forums to discuss the hot questions for all laptop users: “How to buy the best laptop?” “What are the best used laptops 2016?”

Simple answers the hot question

Before to answer the question it is important to look through and analyze the generalized data from service centers all over the country, concerning the laptop brands reliability. This information can help to define, which of the laptops are the most reliable to use and what the main problem of them is. The information from the other sources can be different, but the main tendencies are the same. According to the StatisticBrain, the most reliable laptops for 3-years working period are:

  • Asus – The quality of the broken laptops for the period of 3 years is about 15.6%;
  • Toshiba – 15.7%;
  • Sony – 16.8%;
  • Apple – 17.4%;
  • Dell – 18.3%;
  • Lenovo – 21.5%;
  • Acer – 23.3%;
  • HP – 25.6%.

The most popular broken details needed to be repaired are:

  • Renewal of the chipset, video chip – 33% of the used laptops;
  • Renewal and reparation the connectors – 29%;
  • Renewal and reparation the matrix – 22%;
  • Renewal and reparation the keyboard – 6%.

These figures speak that it is impossible to define the best used laptops 2016! Using the proper knowledge and professional approach you can choose the constructively reliable model with the low failure probability. According to these, the brand of the laptop makes no matter, as the figures differ from each other just a few percent. Speaking about the broken details, qualitative details and careful operation activity work wonders.

How to choose the best used laptop 2016

Not to mention the fact that it is difficult to find the most reliable laptop (it should be checked by the time), you need to keep a couple of the simple rules. It will help to buy a laptop, which is expectably the most long lived. There is no guarantee that your laptop won’t be repaired, but the probability of failure is definitely lower than ever.

These are the main criteria of choosing the most qualitative laptops 2016:

  • Laptop model without a discrete video card;
  • Dual-core or quad-core processor Intel;
  • Asus, Toshiba or Dell laptop model. Of course, you can choose Sony or Apple, if you want to shine out;
  • Good and qualitative body frame without flash.

It is easy to admit that it was told about the budget laptop models. Their productivity is enough to do your work in the best way, but not for games. Actually, laptops for gamers are characterized to be more powerful and more expensive. It does not mean that this is the most reliable laptop model, just the other way about. The high temperature inside the powerful laptop is the first reason to be repaired.

The best used laptops 2016 are they, who will never be repaired. It is impossible to buy a laptop for the term of your life. You should take into consideration the fact that the usual term of life of your laptop is about 5-7-years. It is considered to be off-market then. You will get the problem of battery, connectors, keyboard and other unpleasant moments. Curiously enough, the reliability of the laptops is opposite to their price. The budget laptops are out of order not very often, unlike the gamers’ models, which need to be repaired very often. The reason of it is the high temperature inside, but not a famous laptop brand. So, what kind of laptop to choose – reliability, prestigious name or the mixed combination both of these parameters? The choice is yours! Be wise and make the right call! The term of are awaiting you today.

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