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10 Best Yoga App for Android And iOS

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Exercises keep our bodies fit and agile, allowing it to do a lot for our bodies especially increasing our life span. We do exercises every day without even knowing we do, through our day to day walks and movements. All these enable us well but for some people, it is not enough as they need to do more. The more exercise some people wish to do is yoga, which is our discussion for today. As I will be giving you the best yoga apps but first, this reason for doing more is why some people go searching around and hiring personal trainers to help them exercise.

Best Yoga Apps

Most people are completely unaware of the fact that they can learn and train themselves in learning these things right from their Smartphones. Yes, instead of employing someone that can help you stay fit, you can get apps that would enable you to do so yourself. There are numerous apps created to help and show you steps on how you can exercise yourself without any physical help. So, below I will be listing the 10 Best Yoga Apps you can use for either your Android or your iOS devices.

  1. Pocket Yoga

Pocket YogaPocket Yoga is one of the best yoga apps you can download on your Android or iOS devices that enable you to exercise yourself. The app has features embedded in it that enable you to earn ways that you can use to train yourself and stay fit. One of the ways this app helps you is by giving you more than 100 different yoga and more than 200 ways to pose. It gives you the option of playing music while you workout.

  1. Universal Breathing

Universal BreathingUniversal Breathing is one amazing app to use for exercising. This app enables you to do most, just like pocket yoga. It has different levels you can work yourself through while using it. The first level is at the beginner level. This enables and gives you yoga moves you can learn from easily. Unlike the expert level which provides you with very sophisticated yoga moves, this app is on for Android and iOS users.

  1. Daily Yoga

best yoga app - Daily YogaDaily Yoga is another quality app you can download easily on your Android or iOS devices. The app like other apps, of course, has its own features that make it easy for you to work with. There are hundreds of moves in the app for yoga that you would love to use. The app has a video that helps people that just want to start yoga learn the basic ways of participating.

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  1. Yoga Workout

yoga workoutYoga Workout is another app that allows you to learn the basic and tough moves of yoga. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. The app like other apps has different exercises across different sections that you want to use to enable you either reduce the back pain you have or lose weight. This will help you increase blood circulation around your body and more. It also has a video on it that allows you to learn in different ways that you want.

  1. Simply Yoga

simply yogaSimply Yoga is another interesting app that allows you to do a lot on your Android or iOS devices. The app allows you to create and make different types of poses you want from the ones you have learned while using it. Having more than 30 different poses you can learn from allowing you to be fit and agile.

  1. Yoga

yogaYoga is another amazing app that should be in the selected lists of articles you would download from this article. For the best yoga apps, you would notice it as a good app providing you with a lot of features. The only thing is that the app has a premium version that includes different features differing from this one. This version gives you amazing features also like describing the details of each pose you choose to learn from. The app is free to download on both Android and iOS devices also.

  1. Yoga Studio

yoga studioYoga Studio is another app that enables you to do a lot. As part of the best yoga apps, it enables you to create the kind of yoga pose and moves you want on your Android or iOS devices. The app also has different videos you watch and learn different moves from. With more than 70 yoga pose and moves on the app, you can be sure to learn from them.

  1. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit CoachFitbit Coach allows you to do a lot. You can get this app on your Android or iOS devices. The app has a pretty cool feature that the other best yoga apps do not have. It allows you to make the kind of fitness tracker you want with the Fitbit Radio.  The app has its own set of moves and poses you can learn from when you begin.

  1. Asana Rebel

asana rebelThe app helps you get a different kind of body posture and also helps you reduce any gained weight. It is very easy to use as you would enjoy it. It is also available on your Android and iOS devices.


  1. Down Dog

Down Dog is another fantastic yoga app you can download on your Android or iOS devices. You can learn from it very easily through a step by step process. Like some of the other listed apps above. This app allows you to create your own moves according to the things you learned from it.


Talking about types of yoga apps that you need, there are a lot of them that have been created that have their own qualities. Not just that, some of the apps have amazing qualities, good interfaces that enable you to work better. We knew it would be difficult making a choice from thousands of yoga apps on the app store that is why we compiled this list of best yoga apps. So you would not have to keep searching. Just know the 10 apps you can easily select from that have the best features for you to use.


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