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How to Start Bigcommerce free trial

In this post, you will learn how to start bigcommerce trial. I will discuss, how to sign up for the free trial, log in to your personal dashboard, add product, and modify your themes and designs. Other areas I will touch on are how to setup up shipping services, configure your payment processors, then set up taxes, and finally how to launch your new e-commerce website.

What is bigcommerce?

At the BigCommerce platform, you can create an online store, set it up, add products, and launch it to start making money through your e-commerce website. The vision of the founders centers on developing the best commerce platform on the market to change the way you shop, work, and live. The website also has a lot of built-in features and data tools that you can use.

bigcommerce free trial

However, they are best suited for large or fast-growing businesses. Bigcommerce allows you to test drive their platform before you buy. Besides your BigCommerce trial store, it allows you to have nearly all of the platform’s features free except for those that are only available on specific BigCommerce plans. Also, during the trial, you will be able to set up your full store and start selling, the moment you press the launch button. So, let us launch into the body of the article and show you how to get bigcommerce trial.

How to start bigcommerce free trial

Steps to get bigcommerce trial by creating a Trial Store

  1. Visit the website and scroll below to click on the start free your trial icon
    bigcommerce free trial-start free trial
  2. And to create a trial Store, go to the BigCommerce homepage
  3. And then click on Get Started.
    bigcommerce free trial-get started
  4. Next, enter your email address and click on Continue to Store Details.
    bigcommerce free trial-create store
  5. And Fill the form to enter your store’s name, a password, your first and last name, a phone number, and the size of your business.
  6. Also, click on create your Store when you finish filling that personal information.
  7. Note, that you may change the store name at any time after beginning your trial.
  8. Those are the initial steps on how to start bigcommerce free trial by creating a store.

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Next, is Your First Login

Once you finish creating your bigcommerce free trial account, you are directed to your store’s dashboard. So follow the list of the steps you need to complete in the Dashboard so that your store will start running. Start by clicking on the buttons under each action item or by using the main menu on the left of the screen.

bigcommerce free trial - login to store

  1. Start by clicking on Add products. So get products and click on create an option.
    adding products
  2. Then select the type like its size, the value like small or large.
  3. Also, add the option to an option set and lastly apply the open set to your product, for your store.
  4. In addition, set up the store theme and designs and modify it to your taste.
    design store
  5. Then get set to Ship. Here you set up your shipping services.
  6. Besides, you need to Configure your payments. This will enable your customers to buy an item and you will receive the payment instantly.
  7. Also, Set Up Your Tax rates. This will enable the bigcommerce website to automatically calculate taxes for your customers at checkout. Please, make sure that you Enable “Manual Tax”.
    enabling manual tax
  8. Finally, for the store to go live, you need to launch it by clicking on the Launch Store Button.
  9. To do that, log into your store’s control panel and then scroll to the bottom of your page and then click on Launch store.
  10. That is how to start bigcommerce free trial by setting up your store.
  11. The trial will expire after the 15-day trial period. So you may upgrade to a full account.


Pricing and plans

  • The standard plan is $29.95/mo
  • Plus plan is 79.95/mo
  • Pro plan is $249.95/mo
  • While Enterprises are to contact sales
  • To learn more about pricing go to this page


In this post, I explained how you can start bigcommerce free trial. To begin the process, visit the website and sign up for the free trial by entering your email and other personal information. Then you need to login to your personal dashboard, add product, and modify your themes and designs. Also, you can setup up shipping services and then configure your payment processors. The rest includes setting up taxes and finally clicking on the launch button. You have 15 days to try the service and you can upgrade trial to a full account after trial expires. Go there now and set up your e-commerce trial.


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