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10 Best Call and Text Blocker Apps Android

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We often get calls and text messages from unknown sources, strangers, advertising companies or even friends. Why it is good to socialize but there are times we need to be conservative with people. For instance, some of these calls and text messages may disturb you during an important business meeting, family gathering or even while you in church. Thankfully the are numerous ways to put an end to this nuisance and control it effectively. One of those ways is by using call and text blocker apps.

call and text blocker apps

Call and text blockers are mobile apps designed for the specific Job of blocking unwanted calls and text messages from unknown sources. Honestly, finding a good call & text blocker app can be serious work, as many on the play store may not deliver the services they promise. This is why we did research and carefully compiled this comprehensive list of the 10 best call and text blocker apps for Android devices only.

10 Best Call and Text Blocker Apps Android

  1. Call Blocker

call and text blocker apps-Call Blocker

The first app on our list today is call blocker. This app helps you block annoying calls from strangers, telemarketers and mobile carrier services. Many mobile apps provide call and text blocking service, but call blocker is better. Why we say so is because, it has several features like blacklisting, Blocking, whitelisting and call recording logs.

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  1. Should I Answer: Free Call, Text Blocker

Should I answer is a free mobile security application that protects its users from unwanted or unknown calls. In the world today, we receive different kinds of calls from different sources, most times they are known sources, while a lot of the time they are from unknown sources. With this app, you will be able to rate and access detailed information on the phone numbers calling you.

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  1. Calls Blacklist

call and text blocker apps-Calls Blacklist

Calls blacklist is one mobile app that works effectively as both a call and text blocker. In addition, it will easily block calls and text messages from unwanted and unknown sources. Also, calls blacklist includes amazing features like spam blocking of abnormal text messages. In addition, it has an in-built powerful SMS messenger and a multifunctional Blacklist page.

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  1. Call & Text Blocker by AndroidRock

Android Rock is here again, with another very intuitive but simple call & text app. This one automatically blocks call and text messages from unwanted sources. Also, to reject calls automatically just add the phone number you want to blacklist and the call blocker will handle the job, without you having to do anything at all. This mobile app is perfect for those of you looking for the best call blocker for android without ringing. You can Check it out now.

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  1. Call Control – Call & SMS Blocker. Block Spam Calls

With call control, you can be sure you will be getting one of the best call & text blockers services on the Google Play store. In addition, you will also be able to back up your contacts securely, make calls, block calls, and determine the callers with its advance call dialer and caller ID system. Also, it gives you information about who called you last without even answering the phone. Awesome right!

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  1. Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

call and text blocker apps-Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Caller ID and Caller Blocker is among the best call & text blocker apps on the Android store. This is because, it helps you find and identify unknown callers, spam and blocks unwanted messages. Also, you can easily get information about the caller’s identity with their location as well. In addition, you can make prank calls as well with this app.

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  1. Call App: Caller ID, Text Blocker & Call Recorder

Call App: Caller ID, Text Blocker & Call Recorder

Discover the True identity of all your callers, and instantly block spam calls from unknown locations. Also, with this app, you can record call conversations and blacklist phone numbers. Furthermore, you have easy access to information on the numbers that called you and many more. Also you can automatically update and customize your contact book info’s with this app.

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  1. True Caller: Caller ID, Text message Blocking, & Call Record

True caller is a popular call & Text blocker app for Android devices. Whether it is finding the Caller ID or blocking spam calls, this app is your best bet for the job. It filters unwanted calls with a community-based spam list frequently updated by millions of users worldwide. Furthermore, this app lets you to fully connect with only the people that matter. True caller makes communication safe and efficient.

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  1. Call Blocker: Call, Text Blocker

With this app, you don’t have to be anxious about unwanted and irritating calls anymore. By just adding the numbers you wish to blacklist, this app will automatically help you block calls and unwanted messages from coming to your mobile device. Also, it has more interesting features like call recording log, low memory usage and auto-elimination of Spam.

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  1. Mr Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

Mr Number makes it completely easy to block unwanted calls and text messages from unknown sources. You can as well identify and stop the scam, spam, and fraudulent activities from getting into your phone or happening in your life with this app. In addition, it is very easy and simple to navigate, with its very user-friendly interface.

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Ever felt like you were getting too many irritating calls and text messages from people you had no connections with? Also, you can use one of this Call and text blocker apps to solve this problem. In addition, these apps are efficient so, give yourself the much-needed peace you deserve today. Get one of these apps now.

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