10 Best Brain Game Apps for Android and iOS

Are you a busy person that needs to focus on what you are doing? Do several things take your mind off the main task you are doing? Also, you may have tried to no avail to stay focussed. Well, do not worry so much as there apps that you can use to stay focussed or concentrate more on things. These apps are easy to use and they will help you to concentrate. They are brain game apps and you can get them for your Android or iOS devices.

Brain Game Apps

Let us see 10 of the best brain game apps in this post.

10 Best Brain Game Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Roll the Ball

Brain Game Apps-Roll the BallRoll the Ball is the first app you can use on your devices in this article. The app is very challenging as it tests your brain skills. It has thousands of levels you that can play through up to three thousand levels. Also, it is easy to use and fun and you get on your Android or your iOS devices.

  1. NeuroNation

Brain Game Apps-NeuroNationNeuroNation is another game that helps you to concentrate that you can play on your Android or iOS devices. As part of the brain game app, you would find it astonishing as you use it. It has a lot of features you can use as you go through the app. With a lot of exercises, that you can do to improve your focus.

  1. Brain Dots

Brain Game Apps-NeuroNationBrain Dots is one other amazing brain game apps you can use. The app is not as difficult as you might think, it provides you with a section of games where you have to complete one level before you can move to another level. It is also easy to use as you can get it for Android and iOS devices.

  1. River Crossing

Brain Game Apps-River CrossingRiver Crossing is just like the other apps that you can use easily. Playing the game not only increases your focus but also your IQ. It is easy to go through but can be quite challenging. It also has levels that you have to go through stage after stage on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Brain Puzzle

Brain PuzzleBrain Puzzle is another easy app to use for your concentration games. The app gives you puzzles and it can be addicting to play once you start. It gives you several collections of things you can use on it, from mental games to logic problems. It is available for Android devices and also iOS devices.


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  1. Skillz

SkillzSkillz is another app that you can download with ease. The app is very good to help you concentrate. Also,  it tests your brain with some of its features. Skillz is very popular and helps you to improve your speed, accuracy, and learning. The app also allows you to test your memory by giving different colors that let you improve. You can get in your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Mind Games

Mind GamesMind Games is another app that you can use in your smart devices very easily. The app has an amazing interface that you can use, and, it is part of the best brain game apps. Also, it provides you with a lot.  It is free for download on Android and iOS devices. In addition, it allows you to use the different categories on it such as memory race to the mental category.

  1. CogniFit

CogniFitThis is another app that is part of the brain game apps that you can use on your devices. The app provides you with a lot that enables you so much. Also, it improves your brain in the areas of reasoning, memory, and functions. The app also has numerous mental challenges that you can enable to improve your focus. Also, it is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Lumosity

LumosityLumosity is another app that you can use. Also, it allows you to focus and concentrate well. The app is available for Android and iOS users as it has inbuilt games. Games like puzzle games, mind games and problem-solving games of more than 40. The games in this app will help you improve fast.

  1. Word Shop

Word ShopThis app comes last in this article as one of the last brain game apps that you can download at your convenience. It is very easy to use. Also, it has lots of features for improving your skills. The app has more than 3000 challenging levels that you can play through. In addition, you can play the game offline without the use of internet connection on your Android or iOS devices.


You will find a ton of apps to download when you search for the apps you that you can use to improve your brain. But, the apps in this article are the best apps that you can get, with the best features that will enable you to improve fast. So, download any of the best brain game apps and return here to give us feedback.

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