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5 Business Card Ideas & Tips

business card ideas
Written by Abe Cherian

Searching for business card ideas? Don’t worry, We’ve got all the ideas for a great business card right here for you.

A business card is one of the most important cards students and every business owner needs to have. This is the only means you can use to expand your business and reach more audience. People will likely ask for your business card so that they can easily reach out to you anytime and any day. business card ideas

Photo by from Pexels.Without this card, it will be difficult to maintain and keep customers. Today we got you covered as we will be listing 5 business cards ideas and tips to get you started into creating a professional card for your business.

5 Awesome business card ideas.

  • Convey meaningful information

The aim of business cards is to pass an information to your clients and supposed new customers and the information will include Who, What, Where, Why?.

You need to make sure that your real name is on the card which will answer the first Question Who and also include the Job title and the business name plus the logo in a clear form. Make sure you provide enough information on the business card without making it look confusing.

The most important thing that you need to include, is your website, email address and phone number. You can remove the business address if you’re struggling for specs since it’s not that necessary.

  • Make it Readable

This is not the time to use bold or shrink text. Just make sure that the text and font are simple and readable also. For a graphic designer using CorelDraw or Photoshop software, we suggest you use bold fonts like “Impact” when designing a business card. Read how to design a business card for more ideas.

  • QR Codes

QR Codes is a great way to include any information on your card without making it looks cluttered. You can use this to create a link between your business and online content so that by scanning the code, people can automatically be sent to your website.

You can search for free QR Codes generator on Google because there are many of them which you can use to generate your QR Codes for free.


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  • Colourful

Make sure you bring out the best colour on your business card to stand out and looks unique. Also, try and make it simple. Using a plain and White design is not a bad idea because it’s memorable and can also look stylish.

  • Visual Content

It will look more appealing to use visuals to display your business on your card. You can do this by saving the other side of the card space to display the image of your business on your card which will keep people more engaged.

business card ideas

Photo by itsbytespixels from Pexels.

Besides, there is this popular saying that pictures speak louder than words. If you don’t fancy the idea of pictures, you can as well use your logo. It must not be your business logo, your website logo can still serve the purpose.

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In conclusion, no matter how special and appealing you want your business card to be, always remember that simplicity wins the race. So keep it simple. We hope these business card ideas meet your expectations.

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