Top 10 Best Business Management Games for Android and iOS

Are you a gamer? Or someone that loves to play all manner of games? Do you like games that are challenging and like to win no matter the kind of game you are playing? Well then, there is another game that has been created by developers that you can play easily and win. These are business management games apps that you can download and play on either your Android or your iOS devices.

Business Management Games

In this post, I will give you a list of 10 best business management games apps for Android and iOS. Let us begin.

10 Best Business Management Games for Android and iOS

  1. Business Tycoon

Business Management Games-Business TycoonThis is the first app that I am presenting for you to download and use in this article. The app is very good to use as it provides you with the chance to be a successful and rich business owner. It also gives you more than 20 different types of business that you can manage in a productive way. Also, you get this app easily on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Airlines Manager

Business Management Games-Airlines ManagerAirlines Manager is another app that you can use easily providing you with good management skills. The app allows you to create your own airline and enable you to manage it. You can play the game in this app anytime you want on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Business Game

Business Management Games-Business GameThis is another game app that is part of the management game apps you can use on your Android or iOS devices. The game app is relative to monopoly games as it is constructed like that. It allows you to manage your business very well. However, to play the game, you will need at least two or more friends to join you before you can play it.

  1. Business Inc 3D

Business Management Games-Business Inc 3DBusiness Inc 3D is another app that you can use very well. This app allows you to manage and become the owner of a company. The app is quite popular among users that love management game apps. While you use the app, you should know that it comes in two versions. It comes in a free version and in a purchasable version. It is also available for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Junkyard Tycoon

Junkyard TycoonJunkyard Tycoon is another app that is very good for you to use. You can also use it for Android or iOS devices. The app focuses on your being the owner of scrap cars in junkyards. Also, it allows you to detach the valuable parts and sell them, to make profit.

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  1. Idle Factory Tycoon

Junkyard TycoonIdle Factory Tycoon is another app you would like to play and download on your Android or iOS devices. The app is quite fun to play as it allows you to manage production. This management enables you to get rich in the process. It also enables you to do a lot and it is free and easy to play.

  1. Landlord Tycoon

Landlord TycoonThis is one of the business management games you can use on your Android or iOS devices. The app allows you to get a lot of cash and profit while playing. Also, the app lets you buy and sell properties including trading its digital units. Like the name, the app makes you a landlord of an empire.

  1. Industrialist

IndustrialistThis is one of the other business management games that offer you a lot. The app allows you to do quite a lot. Also, it lets gives you the ability to manage a very large enterprise, where you can easily buy different machines and hire employees. It also gives you a lot of other different things to do on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. My Supermarket Story

My Supermarket StoryMy Supermarket Story is one of the best management games you can download also. You can do this easily on your Android or your iOS devices. This app like the other apps provides you with the ways of managing your own supermarket and, making customers come to your shop and patronize you. This will give you a lot of profit.

  1. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture CapitalistAdVenture Capitalist comes as the last business management game in this article. Like the rest of the apps listed above, it also provides you with the opportunity of becoming a very rich and successful business owner. With features, it has laid out for you to be an investor and invest in things. You would love the app, and it is available for any of your devices. Android or iOS.


These are the best business management games apps that you can download and use on your Android and iOS devices. They come with the best competition that you can use and you would love as you play them, alongside their own individual features.

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