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How Does Busuu App Work?

Busuu App

Busuu App provides you with valuable resources to aid your grammar practice and vocabulary. Unfortunately, you may have struggled to learn a particular language overtime. Therefore, to learn a native language, Busuu app is just the best option. Also, you don’t have to wait for a long period of time to be able to pronounce and write feedbacks in other native languages.

About Busuu App

Busuu App affords you the privilege to learn as many languages as you can which you can learn on your phone. In addition, it is really efficient, easy, and above all, entertaining. Adrian Hilti and Bernhard Niesner founded Busuu on May 28, 2008. Possibly, you can be a master of 12 languages with the App. Also, it is similar to Duolingo and Babbel. Furthermore, the App has a flashcard in digital form which you can take advantage of to get used to more vocabularies for free.

How does Busuu App work?

Busuu app contains a set of lessons capable of enabling you to learn with speed whatever language of your choice. Also, each lesson comes with text, audio, and images to make learning more efficient.

Pick your Language to begin learning

To start with Busuu App, you have to choose one of the 12 Languages it offers. For instance, if you desire to learn French, you can select it in the list of languages. Click here to choose a language you want to learn.

Learn different languages

Sign up for free to get started

To get started, it is important to sign up to enjoy the full length of the lessons provided on Busuu App. Also, registration is only free. Again, after selecting your language of interest you want to learn (for instance French), it takes you to the sign up page to start your learning. To begin, enter your user name, your email and create a password. Also, when you are done, click on the Sign up button and you are good to go.

Sign Up

Study Plan Goal

In addition to your registration, you have to complete about six (6) processes. These are just some set of questions to make you ready for the course:

What is your main Goal?

Here, you will select from the list of options; your main goal in learning that particular language. The processes will enable you to save a study plan for yourself.

Choose a Plan

To continue, when you are done saving a plan for yourself, the last process on Busuu app is to decide a plan. Also, you have the option to go for a Limited access. Remember, I once mentioned that it is a must to enable you to have access to a load of benefits Busuu app offers to make learning more efficient and enjoyable. Busuu app provides you with a subscription plan of two. One of the plans is premium, and the other, Premium Plus. Really, you will have access to some courses and extras like PDF files that relate to your vocabulary of interest. With Premium Plus, you get access to potential study plans and courses that will enable you to achieve your learning objectives.

Choose Your Plan


To begin, there is a one-month subscription for $9.99 or three months subscription for $8.33 per month and six months subscription for $5.82 or yearly subscription for $5.41 per month for Premium on Busuu app.

Premium Plus

To begin, there is a one-month subscription for $13.99 or three months subscription for $19.66 per month and six months subscription for $6.66 or yearly subscription for $5.74 per month for Premium Plus on Busuu app.

Please, click here to read through the terms of service on Busuu and to know more about the fees and paid services.

How Does Busuu App Work? – Conclusion

In conclusion, to know more about how Busuu works, please click here to access the support page on Busuu. In addition, you will get all the help you need with subscription issues or troubleshooting. Thank you for taking the time to go through this article.


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