10 Best Cab Booking Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Are you looking for the best cab booking apps for your mobile device? This article is a good place to look. Also, wherever you are, these apps will help you get safely to your destination. They are globally recognized in about 220 cities worldwide, and you can access them with ease. In addition, they have features that enable you to make your cab bookings without any hassle using your smartphone devices.

cab booking apps

Furthermore, gone are those days, when people stayed on long queues to catch a bus or train. Now, with mobile cab services, hundreds of people can now commute between cities easily. This innovation is brilliant and has made cab business among one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best Cab booking apps worldwide.

10 Best Cab Booking Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Ola Cabs – Cab booking and Rental App

cab booking apps-Ola Cabs booking and Rental App

Founded in 2010, this online transportation network provides outstanding cab services like car rentals, cab services, and share bookings. Ola Cabs is a top rated cab booking service in major cities around the world. In addition, it has affordable rates, clean cabs with qualified drivers. You are in for a fantastic ride. Also, they track the cab routes with GPS to get the best routes for a safe and secure drive. Try Ola cabs today.

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  1. Meru Cabs – Cab booking, Car Rentals

cab booking apps-Meru Cabs booking, Car Rentals

Booking local, rental and outstation apps, just got easier and better with Meru cabs. This app is very easy to use with outstanding options to just select your destination and get ready for your ride. Also, it has Cab scheduling options. In addition, millions of users are satisfied with this app, with reviews that Meru cabs provide good care and their prices are affordable. Furthermore, Meru cab is one cab booking service you should try, and you can download it on Android and iOS respectively.

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  1. Uber: Cab booking App

cab booking apps-Uber Cab booking App

Popularly known as one of the first cab booking apps to gain international recognition. This app started the revolution that the cab booking industries now enjoy. The company was started in 2009, Today, Uber is the most commonly used cab service app worldwide. Also, Uber offers a wonderful car chauffeur services and lets you choose from a wide range of available cars. You are charged for a ride based on the type of car and how long and competitive the route is. Uber is available to all mobile users worldwide.

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  1. Qira – Cab Booking Service, Car and Bike Rentals

cab booking apps-Qira Cab Booking Service, Car and Bike Rentals

Qira is not just a cab booking app or automobile booking service. It also offers mobile services like providing a mobile electrician for homes, plumbers, and can even offer emergency medical services if needed. It is a helpful and functional app to the majority of its users worldwide. Also, whenever you’re in need of such quick services, remember Qira is the app to download. However, it is available to Android users only.

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  1. One Way Cab

One Way Cab

Unlike other cab booking apps, one way Cab charges for its cab ride is competitive. Also, it doesn’t include extra charges on cab bookings or cancellations. In addition, it offers one of the cheapest cab services worldwide. Similarly, the apps user interface is smooth with simple functions to help you book a cab easily without delay or inconvenience. One way cab drivers have been known to arrive on time.  You also get discount coupons for using them regularly.

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  1. Grab – Transport, Food Delivery, Payments

Grab – Transport, Food Delivery, Payments

Grab proves to be among the safest cab booking apps available to all devices. Booking cabs have never been this easy. Also, you can book cabs for outstation drives, important weekly schedules, and general automobile services. Furthermore, you can pay on the app, or directly to the provided driver, whichever suits your taste. Download this app to create a new account now.

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  1. FastTrack Cabs

FastTrack Cabs

FastTrack aims to introduce, simple, but cost effective mobile technology to both the supply and demand sides of cab service distribution chain. With this mobile-based technology fast track has been able to uniquely capture available market opportunities. Also, it optimizes squarely the matching processes between Cabs and passenger interaction. You can get fast track for free on Google Play.

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  1. Taxi Booking – Cab Booking App

 Taxi Booking – Cab Booking App

The mobile app market has a variety of cab booking apps, but the difference between these apps is shown majorly in terms of quality of service they offer, easy accessibility and charge rate. Also, this cab booking app ranks as one of the best because of those qualities we mentioned earlier. It also easy to use, cabs can be easily accessed and booked anytime and anywhere. Similarly, they have a good driver and passenger relationship. This app is exclusive to Android users alone.

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  1. Tab Cab: Cab Booking Service

Tab Cab: Cab Booking Service

The cab industry has turned out to be a vital transportation method due to its networks around cities in the world. With a wide range of easy to access apps, the cab industry has become one of the leading innovations in the mobile transportation industry. TabCab is a mobile cab service that is innovatively dominating the greater parts of the Asian continent. Also, it has fast cabs and related services, affordable charge rates and consumer satisfaction. You can dial 63 on USSD code to call for TabCab and related cab services. This code is valid in parts of Asia like India, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

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  1. MegaCabs


Mega cabs were originally founded in 2001 and are currently one of the fastest if the not the fastest growing mobile cab platform worldwide. It also offers a wide range of cab services, like outstation bookings, car rentals, and radio cab services. Furthermore, it is young, new and hot and has newly launched a mobile app for easy access to its services.

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In conclusion, mobile cab booking apps provide a steady commercial value for both the cab service providers and their employees. Years, back driving a cab seems like a menial job, but with the newly improved transport industry, it better and bigger. So, now, you can easily book a cab, even before you step out of your house with these mobile apps. Also, their user interface is simple. Now that you know this, do not delay anymore pick a cab service provider now.

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