10 Best Camera Apps For Android in 2020

Every smart mobile device has a standard camera. A standard camera has a minimum image quality, shutter speed, and in-built editing features. Why do I need alternative Camera apps, you may ask? Sometimes a smartphone’s default camera may lack some basic camera functions. While, at other times, they may not have the full set of features users need like stickers, selfie filters, and collages.

Camera Apps

Nowadays, we live in a virtual world full of digital content and sometimes, a good photo is a necessity. Luckily, out of every 5 newly designed camera apps, it is certain that two of those apps will trend on multiple online search platforms. Now, in a very quick but detailed analysis, we will be discussing some of the 10 best alternative camera apps available for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Camera Apps (Android/iPhone)


  1. Retrica


Express yourself with mesmerizing filters, create standout videos and GIF, add fun stickers, stamps, and doodles to your newly captured photos, every time you use Retrica camera app. Also, it has over 100 filters to choose from and multiple interfaces. Retrica ranks as one of the best camera apps on virtual online stores worldwide. In addition, you can always share all your newly taken photos directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

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  1. Open Camera

Open Camera

This app is a better choice than a standard camera. This apps open camera has a very good photo quality feature and outstanding camera abilities. Also, the in-app interface is beautiful, with very easy to understand instructions on how to do photo capture. In addition, it has editing tools and prominent sharing options. It also contains amazing snap sounds.

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  1. Photofy Content Creation Tool

Photofy Content Creation Tool

Other than taking great pictures, Photofy is also a great photo editor, with super-easy content creation tools for consumers like social media influencers, businesses and brand managers. It also contains easy to use in-app templates, multiple filters, lighting effects. Also, it has a preset ratio size for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In addition, this is the only camera app with about 5000 graphic photo elements installed.

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  1. MOLDIV – Photo Editor, Collage

MOLDIV – Photo Editor, Collage

Create a memorable video or capture a good picture uniquely. While making your video, you have options to add your favorite song. In addition, while editing your photos there are options to add over 200 live filters, a zoom feature and flash effect. You can also add text and animation to your video or image.

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  1. YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

Youcam is a smart camera app, that works well in capturing good photo moments and editing them as well. Also, you can take unique and beautiful photos with this app. Youcam have amazing beautifying effects that make pictures look better and even more original than it had been. Also, users can edit photos with collages, frames, and grids.

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  1. Camera Mx – Free Photo & Video Camera

Camera Mx – Free Photo & Video Camera

This app offers mainly a fantastic picture and video recording quality. With multiple filters for different photo moments, amazing camera effects and adjustable camera settings. It also supports both rear and front camera. In addition, it is compatible with multiple devices across all platforms. It also has a slow-motion video effect to crown it all.

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  1. Cymera: Camera App

camera apps-Cymera: Camera App

Cymera is solely aimed at users who love to spice up their photography skill and style. This app has auto-retouching tool for editing, 7 lens options, 100 filters, and multiple shooting modes. In addition, Cymera camera app is great for new or casual photographers. It has in-built features like sharing your photos quickly to various social media platforms. In conclusion, Cymera is a great tool for content creation.

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  1. VSCO: Camera App

camera apps-VSCO: Camera App

This camera app is one of the best camera apps for Android and iOS devices. With power packed features like great white balance and exposure, Raw photo shoot mode, ISO manual adjustments. Vsco, is originally designed for its inbuilt photo community, with various platforms for photos sharing tips and photo challenges. It is also highly recommended for people who want to share their unique content with others.

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  1. Camera + 2

camera apps-Camera + 2

If you are just a casual photographer who and love to take photographs, Camera +2 is the camera app for you. It also has many features, and you can do a lot of work with. For example, it has basic editing tools, flexible filters, quick shutter speed and saving options in RAW file format, etc. This camera app is the bomb of it all. In addition, it has options to quickly review all edited photos which automatically sync’s them to iCloud storage.

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  1. Camera FV-5 Lite

camera apps-Camera FV-5 Lite

With camera FV-5, professional photography has come to light on a mobile platform. This app contains adjustable photographic settings like exposure, shutter speed, and white balance. It’s viewfinder displays useful data such as exposure time, aperture and f-stop. It also includes both free and paid versions respectively and it is only compatible with Android devices alone.

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You should note that while the default camera on your smartphone is okay, these camera apps can improve the quality of your photos, with their advanced tools and settings. Thankfully, the tools and settings in these mobile applications are simple and very easy to use. Try them now, to find out.


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