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Get CamStudio free download screen recording software to use on your Desktop today, to capture your computer screen and make high definition videos. In addition, you can make Frequently asked Questions and information products videos, with CamStudio screen capture recorder. Other things you can make with this software are Demos, first-class tutorials plus the recording of any activity that takes place on your desktop.CamStudio Free Download screen recording


This article will give you a review of this product, to show you its features. Also, you may consider getting CamStudio free download screen recording software after seeing its outstanding features.

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The Review of CamStudio Product

CamStudio software will come in handy when you want to make screenshots of your desktop for your assignments, video tutorials for your website, or do any professional job. In addition, you can use this tool to capture your computer screen easily and the output will come out in AVI file format.

Furthermore, individuals that require professional video instance for their goods or services can use this product to make those videos.CamStudio Free Download screen recording-Setup

Installation Process

Installing this product is not hard. The best part is that you can install CamStudio easily and use it without any professional help. Also, it takes a few minutes to do it and if all goes well, you will have the Icon of CamStudio on your desktop. Furthermore, you can launch the program anytime you want to use it from your Desktop. CamStudio Free Download screen recording-Installation

Control of The Quality of Your Video

CamStudio is an intelligent software. You can use it to control the output of your video by choosing to customize the cursors, to either record the whole screen or just a part of it. To get this done, adjust the “Region tab” to the level you want.CamStudio Free Download screen recording-Customization

In addition, you can manage the quality of the video you are making depending on who you want to send it to. For example, the size of your video can be large or small. You may reserve large size and best quality videos for burning into a DVD or CD or make videos with the average quality and send them to individuals by email.

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Outstanding Qualities of CamStudio

With the aid of CamStudio, you can record all screen and audio actions on your computer, and make high-quality AVI video files. In addition, with the inbuilt SWF Producer, you can turn those AVIs video files into thin, Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). The good part is that they will consume low bandwidth.Qualities

Furthermore, CamStudio can give you top-quality subtitles on the screen without any rough edges to your recordings in seconds. In addition, it has an exclusive Video Commentary feature which you can use to customize your videos. And you can even include a webcam show of yourself, by using the Picture-in-picture mode facility from your desktop.

This product comes with a Lossless Codec that gives you very clear results with tiny file size. When you compare it with other Lossless Codec, like Microsoft Video 1 which has more popularity, it is far better.

Use of CamStudio Icons When Watching A Tutorial

You can activate pointing arrows (cursor) from Icons on the user interface with a mouse. These arrows help to point or direct the viewer to find the exact part of the tutorials they prefer. In addition, you can zoom CamStudio to any part of the Tutorial, when you need to capture clear close up shots of any specific part.Icons

Furthermore, you can record Audio from the microphone or speakers when you are doing a screen capture. Also, as I said earlier, you can set the video quality rating that suits your need. These are good reasons for you to consider CamStudio screen recorder free download, don’t you think so?

Prominent Features of CamStudio

There are many prominent features that this newest CamStudio has, but let us see a few here.

  • you can operate and capture screen easily
  • turn AVIs video files into thin, Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)
  • there are options to capture the whole or a specific part of your screen
  • you can use it to secure your videos by using the watermarking capability
  • with one click, you can operate the stop, pause and resume function
  • you can do Professional video tutorials, compile assignments and do illustrative work with ease using this latest product
  • the image quality is clear, and you can output your file in AVI video Format
  • CamStudio has a cursor to select specified portions of the screen you prefer
  • To get a better screen capture, you can Zoom into any part you choose and capture it

Additional Information on CamStudio Free Download Screen Recording Software

You can get this software from the Developers of CamStudio’s official Website. It also has a small setup size of 4.26 megabytes, and it is currently available for you to download free. Furthermore, CamStudio is compatible with Windows 7-8 and all newest versions of Windows operating system.

How to Get CamStudio ScreenRecorder Free Download

Just visit the CamStudio Developer website now to get it in a quick click.


In conclusion, getting CamStudio free download screen recording software is easy. Just visit the developer’s website and grab this utility product now. It is simple to use and full of awesome functions for making professional videos any time you want.

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