Canada Visa Requirements for US and UK Citizens

Canada visa requirements


The information on this page covers useful hints on Canada visa requirements for US & UK Citizens. Visa is a legal agreement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to freely enter, leave, or stay for a given period of time in that country.Canada visa requirements

However, some persons always mistook passport for visa. I use to be among such group of people, not until I look up the difference between the two. A passport is requested when one want to verify one’s citizen and it contains some of your personal information like; your name, age, date of birth, gender, physical characteristic and even your photo.

So, the main difference between the two is that while the Visa is used to show and indicate that you have the legal right to enter and stay, Passport is just to show that you are a citizen of that country because it contains useful personal information. We all need Visa for various reasons.

Canada Visa Requirements for UK Citizens.

Canada and the United Kingdom have a strong relationship. Their relationship is base on the fact that they have a similar history, language and culture. Before now, citizens of the UK usually travel to Canada without a visa. But since March 2016, UK citizens can no longer travel freely.

Before a United Kingdom citizen can qualify for Canada visa that person must have these requirements namely;

  • You must have a passport that will remain valid for at least six months.
  • You must have a credit card that you can use to purchase your ETA via their website (the Canadian government website).

Canada Visa Requirements for US Citizens.

Just as Canada has a strong relationship with the United Kingdom, that is how it also has with the United State. To get a Canadian Visa as a United State citizen has to be base on some reasons. And your reasons must be valid. If you are going there just for tourism, you don’t need any Canada visa. But if you are going there for other reasons like; working, schooling and visiting that will exceed 180 days etc. Then you will need a Canada visa. Below are the Canada visa requirements.

  • You must have proof of citizenship.
  • You must have a valid US passport.

Reasons for Canada visa

One of the major reasons why people seek Canada visa when going from the US or the UK is because of the very efficient health care system they have. There are other cogent reasons like getting a degree, work, tourism etc.

The general requirements for applying for a visa                

Here is the list for the general requirement for applying for a visa.

  1. You must have a passport.
  2. Complete the visa application form.
  3. Having a passport photos (at least 2 pieces) is compulsory.
  4. You must have proof of your status, whether you are a tourist or a businessman or businesswoman.
  5. It is a  must to have a ticket that will confirm your returning or your next destination.
  6. You must have your proof of payment for the visa fees.
  7. Having an additional document such as; flight itinerary, letter of invitations or hotels booking is necessary.

Note this, requirement varies among counties.

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Reasons why your Canada visa may be denied.

Your Canada visa can be denied base on this following reasons.

  1. Having a past criminal record.
  2. When you have involved yourself in human right violation in the past.
  3. If you have also involved yourself in organized crime.
  4. Having a disease that can be easily communicable, this will serve as an endangerment to public safety.
  5. When you have the behaviour of causing excessive demands on social service or health.
  6. If you are not standing financially, as a result, you cannot care for yourself and your family financially.
  7. When you are guilty of misrepresentation, that is, you use other people signature on your application.
  8. Failure to comply with any provision of IRPA. The provision has to do with the fact that you must have a proper permit to work or study in Canada. Without these permit, it simply means that you have failed to comply.
  9. When you already have it in mind to overstay. This will make your visa to be denied if the government suspects you.
  10. If you have an inadmissible family member.

In the long run, we have noticed that travelling to Canada is much easier if you can fulfil the Canada Visa requirements for the US or as a UK citizen.

Canada is the third world country and it is highly developed. Thereby, it has high demands. The demands in the sense that most people went to migrate, visit, and come for health care services, work and even school. Canada, the UK and the US share a strong relationship. That with your US passport and UK passport you can go to Canada for tourism even without having a Canada visa.

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