10 Best free Cartoon Yourself Apps for Android and iOS

A lot of people take more steps in their desire to look better. One of those things they think about is how to make a graphical cartoon image of themselves. In other to do this, many of these people hire graphic designers or any other freelancer they can get. These people are completely unaware of the fact that they can make graphic art themselves. They can do this by just downloading an app on their Android or iOS store. This brings us to the topic of this article. I will be listing the best 10 free cartoon yourself apps for any of your devices.

cartoon yourself apps

1. Cartoon Camera

cartoon yourself apps- cartoon cameraThis is one of the free cartoon yourself apps that allow you to create and edit images. It has options that give you different kinds of features. The features on this app include black and white, colored, and more. It also includes other effects allowing you to use a pencil, oil painting, watercolor and more. You can get this app on any of your Android or iOS devices for free.

2. Prisma Photo Editor

prismaThis app is available for both Android an iOS users. It allows them to use it with complete ease to edit their images into cartoons. It lets them turn an image into a good artwork like it is an authentic handmade drawing. This app gives you different options and features to use. Prisma Photo Editor is an amazing app to use so get one today.

3.  BeFunky

befunkyThis is not just another amazing app but also very popular among users around the world. This app is amazing to use as it comes with not one but various features allowing you to surf through anyone you want with ease. Also, if you do not like the editing you worked on, it allows you to restart from the beginning. After you are done with your creating and editing it allows you to save your work which you share with people on any of your social media platform. So, quickly go get it for your Android and iOS.

4. MomentCam

cartoon yourself apps-moment camThis is another very easy to use the app. It lets you create and edit your images into cartoons of yourself. This app has its own features that differ from the other apps in this article. For example, while editing from the vast background features, it gives you access to add other things like beards, hats to other fun things to your image. This app is fun to use as it also gives you emojis, stickers, and more for you to add to your images.  Get for your Android and iOS.

5. My Cartoon

my cartoonYou would find various types of apps when searching for free cartoon yourself apps with a wide range of features set out to please you. But this app, in particular, comes with different funny features. So, when you are editing, it allows you to work with ease and efficiency. From cropping to rotating and adding various effects you want. You would find this app useful so go and get it on iOS devices.

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6. Cartoon Face

cartoon faceCartoon face is one of the other amazing cartoon apps that make your editing come with ease. This app has an extended line of features. One, in particular, is giving you facial expression on your image even if you do not have one on the image. Also, it lets you turn a smile into a frown and a frown into a smile. Download it for your Android and iOS device.

7. Cartoon Sketch

cartoon sketchAnother really candid and efficient app you can use to cartoon yourself is Cartoon Sketch. This app gives you the perfection you want with its incredible features like drawing with a pencil, adding sketches and other effects. This app has a huge number of filters more than 100 on the app, giving your work in high quality.  So, go get it on your Android and iOS.

8. My Sketch

cartoon yourself apps-my sketchThis is another popular app with amazing features allowing you to cartoon yourself with perfection. This app is also available on iOS. It has numerous amounts of different assorted sketches of more than 20. This app allows you to use them efficiently with ease. It even lets you increase your contrast and brightness if you want. Get yours now.

9. Painnt

painntPart of another amazing free cartoon yourself apps is where you will find Painnt. This app has a good option of animated filters and sketches and numerous effects. After you are done editing, it allows you to share with people around you, friends or family. Get it on your Android or iOS.

10. FaceQ

cartoon yourself apps-faceqFaceQ is another useful amazing app that lets you cartoon yourself with great quality on your Android or iOS device. This app has an option that guides you on how to use the app with ease. It has amazing features that let you create and draw a cartoon version of yourself. It also lets you share it with the people you want.


Creating a cartoon of yourself can be exciting and easy if you choose to do so. You can use any of these apps listed in this article because they are the best free cartoon yourself apps. These apps come with top quality features that you may not find in most apps out there. So, go and select anyone you like and download it now.


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