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The importance of website to a business

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Every company wants the public to be aware of their existence. Therefore, having a website should be of major priority to you as a business owner. Nowadays people go online to do shopping, do research and also make transactions. If your company doesn’t have an internet presence, you may miss out in most of these […]

How to secure your WordPress Website


The issue of security is very crucial in all aspect of life and so it is in the internet world. This publication came as a result of questions that was asked by some of our readers on how best to secure websites. There are some internet touts out there known as hackers who are always […]

How to Upload Your WordPress Site to a Live Server

You will agree that the use of WAMP Server to build website offline is an amazing way of saving your data bundle. After designing the website, the next question would be how do I make my website live? That was the basis for this article. If you have wanted to upload your WordPress site to […]

6 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

I still remembered few years ago when I use to design website with HTML. Well as you know, for you to create any website in HTML, you must master coding or at least have coding knowledge. This explains why majority of people run away from website designing. Then, creating a webpage takes us weeks or […]

Web Design Seminar in Lagos

Become a professional web designer this New Year; laziness and procrastination is an enemy to progress. The diligence required to start a business is also required to learn a skill. Humans prefer comfort by nature and will do anything to have it. Due to this, persons push the attacks to another time because they do […]

How to install WordPress on your computer using WAMP Server

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In our previous article, how to install Local server on your computer, we discussed extensively on a software that allows you to design and view your website live on your computer without the use of data. This software is known as WAMP server. It enables you to design any CMS website running PHP locally on […]

How to Download and Install WAMP Server

How to Install WAMP Server The question we were asked in the past was how to minimize the cost of data when designing website. In order to save data, we always advise our readers to use an offline server which will enable you to design your site locally on your computer before moving the finished […]

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