ccleaner free download for windows 7, 10 & Mac full version

CCleaner free download for Windows 7, 10 & Mac full version

It is recommended and advisable to always clean your computer on a regular basis. When you do this, it boosts computer performance. Therefore, the number one software to clean and increase the speed of your computer is CCleaner. You can remove the unnecessary files that are slowing down your computer. Also, you can download CCleaner for free or pay a meager sum for it. This software is quite cheap and very easy to use.

CCleaner frees up space on your computer by deleting unwanted files, cookies, and unused data. It checks your PC regularly to find things that are reducing the performance of your computer. You can use it to carry out a deep cleaning on your computer and this will increase the space on your PC. The software can be downloaded to various devices. It is available for download on Android, MAC, and Windows. Continue reading for more details on how you can download this software without paying.

ccleaner free download for windows 7, 10 & Mac full version
Interface of CCleaner

How to download CCleaner for free for Windows and Mac

Note, if you want to download CCleaner for free, then you need to visit the official website ( to proceed. After this, click on the “Free Download” green button on the left side of the interface.

ccleaner for windows 7, 10 & Mac full version
CCleaner free trial

The next interface will show the two plans of CCleaner which is free and professional. Below the free one, click on the Download button and the page will reload. After this, your exe file should begin to download.

This should take a few seconds but once it completes, double-click it to run the program. Next, confirm the installation, and then follow the setup instructions.

ccleaner free download for windows 7, 10 & Mac full version
CCleaner installation

After this, you can now begin to use the CCleaner for free.

How to purchase CCleaner

When you download CCleaner for free, there are lots of features you will not have access to. To have access to the premium service this software offers, you need to purchase it. So, to do this, you should navigate to their official website. After this, click on the Get CCleaner pro on the left side of the button. Once the next page loads, you have to choose one out of the three professional packages. You can choose either a yearly package or three years one.

After choosing one, scroll down and input your personal and payment information. After filling the correct information, click on the buy now button.  Once you have done this, you have now successfully purchase CCleaner.

Pricings of CCleaner

CCleaner has three pricings which are CCleaner which is $24.95 every year per computer, then the CCleaner professional plus which is $39.95 yearly for 3 computers, and then another professional plus which is $69.95 for 2 years and for 3 personal computers.

ccleaner for windows 7, 10 & Mac full version
Pricing of CCleaner

Benefits of downloading CCleaner for free/paid

CCleaner is a privacy and cleaner tool that removes unwanted files from your computer system. It frees up disk space and increases the speed of your Windows computer. One of the great benefits, when you purchase or download CCleaner for free, is that it does not contain adware or spyware. There are numerous benefits of this program and they are as follows:

  • Clean the registry
  • Get rid of the history of your web browsers
  • Identifying duplicate files
  • Identifying and Correcting error that are causing problems on the system
  • To disable programs that might be affecting the system
  • Freeing up disk space
  • Eliminating unnecessary and temporary files
  • Eliminating obsolete data

In addition to what has been listed above, CCleaner increase your browsing speed in browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on. When browsing, your computer collects cookies and specific files. If you download this program, it gets rid of such data. Due to this, your hard disk will be freed of space which makes your system work faster than usual.

Another thing is that when you download CCleaner for free or you purchase it, the software is very easy to use. You do not need any prior knowledge before you can use it perfectly. You can also customize your cleaning options while at it. This is a more advanced setting and you might want to stick with the default. However, if you have advanced knowledge of computers, you can customize it to target specific types of cookies.

Finally, you minimize the risk of encountering errors while using your PC. CCleaner will get rid of any hindrance and clean your registry regularly. You can as well back up your data to avoid the risk of losing any file in the act of cleaning.


If you have read this post very well, then you should be able to download CCleaner for free. With this software, you can have the best experience using your system and save yourself from lots of hindrances.

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