How To Change Icon Size in Windows 10 – Easy Tutorial For Beginners

Do you know that you can change icon size on Windows 10? Today’s article is centred on possible ways for changing Windows10 icons size. Generally, everyone has a different type of icons size that they are comfortable with. Some people will prefer going for small size while others will like the big size. But, I hope you know that the size actually impacts your level of productivity? In addition, you should also note that each size works with some specific device programs.Change icon size windows 10

Now that we have set the tone for this article, let us show you how to change windows 10 icons size to the exact size you want to better enjoy your Windows 10 user interface.

Changing icon size in Windows 10: Possible Ways

Icons size is always small. This is why some elderly persons struggle with the font size and that is why you may need to adjust it. However, in every PC there is a natural mechanism that allows you to adjust the icon to appropriate size. This may be quite challenging for you if you are not using a Windows operating system. What we are saying is that a Mac user will find it hard to modify or perform any subordinary tasks on a Windows personal computer.

What are the ways to resize my Windows 10 icons?

We will be providing you with three different methods for changing Window 10 icons size on your personal computer. Let us begin with the first one.

First method

You can easily change Windows 10 icons size on the Windows desktop by taking the following steps.

  1. Right-click anywhere on your windows screen

Also. you have to make sure that the dropdown menu appears. Note; do not right click on the application icon.

  1. Click on view

On your Windows desktop, you will see options displayed for you. Click on the first one, which is ‘view’. A side menu will appear on the right side, which will display 3 options.

.Click on view

  1. Select the size you want

The options on the side menu are large icons, medium icons, small icons, etc. So, go on and choose the icon you want and click it. When you click it, the icon will change to the size of your choice.

Second method

There are also other ways to go about resizing the Windows icon. You can consider the Windows 10 zooming options. This can be done on the scale and layout section. Here is how to go about it;

  1. Right click

On your Windows desktop, next, right click on an empty space. when you do that, you will see a dropdown menu with different options.

  1. Display settings

Click on ‘display settings’ options and lists of other options will display. Now you have to click on the box that is bearing ‘change the size of text, apps and, other items option. When you click on it, you will see the list of different percentages on the interface.

Display settings

  1. Select the percentage you want

From the list that is visible to you, choose the percentage that is best for you. Also, you should have it in mind that the higher the percentage number, the higher the icon size and the lower the percentage number the lower the icon size.

Third method

This method is a straightforward one and it is very easy. It is peculiar to Windows 10 operating system. Here are the steps that you can follow to change Windows 10 icon size.

  1. On your desktop, you need to hover the cursor to a free area of the screen. Furthermore, you should make sure that the touchpad is clean and equally free of any particles. This particle can affect its sensitivity.
  2. You need to hold on to ‘ctrl’. How to do that, is just for you to place both fingers on one side of the touchpad. Like for instance the left side.
  3. Now you will need to slide towards either of the sides. It can be the right or the left side of the touchpad, this will help in reducing the icon size.
  4. Still holding to the left side of the touchpad, move towards the right on the free space of the touchpad. This will equally help in resizing the icon.

How to change Taskbar icons size?

There are ways that you can change the taskbar icons size, we are going to show you. Here are the ways;

  1. Right-click the taskbar; do this on an empty region.
  2. Click on ‘taskbar settings’
  3. Turn the ‘use small taskbar buttons’ on. That is all. You can now see that it is easy to do this task.

In conclusion, to change the icon size in Windows 10 is not hard. In this article, we showed you how you can resize your screen and make taskbar icons bigger or smaller. In addition, you should note that even after you have adjusted the size of your screen, you can still bring the screen back to normal size. Try these tips and let us know how it went.

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