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The JP Morgan Chase Bank Customer Service (Full contact details)

Chase Customer Service
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Chase customer service email and other platforms can be reached 24/7. You can contact JPMorgan Chase Bank customer service number, email, live chat even through their toll-free number with your inquiries or complaints. Learn more about the JP Morgan Chase Bank & Co. customer care service by reading this article. Do read on.

Chase Customer Service Number

JP Morgan Chase Bank & Co. according to Wikipedia is one of the top leading financial institutions in America and is located in a New York City. It is among the best banks in the United States and tops the Forbes list as the sixth largest bank with regards to total liability.

JP Morgan Chase bank & Co deals in an array of financial forms of banking including wealth management and treasury.  With Customer Service as the top priority, the JP Morgan Chase Bank & Co. has placed a whole lot of Services specifically for helping customers get the best service, anywhere anytime.

The JP Morgan Chase Customer service is one of the best in the country.  Whether it’s inquiries you wish to make or financial help, you can do so with ease via the JP Morgan Chase Bank Customer Care Service.

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JP Morgan Chase Customer Service – Overview

  • Account Information and inquiry: You can make all inquiries on your bank account or wealth management account as well as other aspects of banking.
  • Credit Transactions: You can inquire about your credit card status as well as block any stolen/lost credit card.
  • Products and Services: You can also inquire about the individual products and services available to both the JP Morgan  Company and the Chase Company through the different Customer Care help desk provided for your satisfaction.

Chase Customer Service Channels

There are many different channels to contact the Chase customer service representatives both internationally and locally. The JP Morgan Chase Bank as a multinational bank has made preparations that all of their customers all over the World can access financial help, complaints and inquiries with ease from the comfort of their homes.

Chase Customer Service Number:

Call the Chase Bank customer service help-desk number: +1-877-260-2178. You can also reach the bank with the different phone numbers listed below meant specifically for some functions.

General customer care services

  • 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372)
  • 1-713-262-3300 (for those outside the US)
  • 1-800-242-7383 (TDD/TTY)

Chase Customer Service

Customer care service help desk for the different help desk functions

  1. Credit Cards: 1-800-270-7760 (TTY 1-800-955-8060) or you can also simply use the Credit card number at the back of your credit card.
  2. Personal Banking: 1-800-935-9935
  3. Auto Loan: 1-800-336-6675
  4. Home Equity Loans: 1-888-e4CHASE
  5. Home Loans: 1-800-873-6577
  6. Student Loans: 1-866-908-7479

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Chase Customer Care Service Live Chat

You can also use the JP Morgan Chase Bank help-desk via the online live chat platform. This chat platform enables you to have a real-time conversation with the customer service representative. The channel is easy to use, all you need is go to their chat platform and fill out the form on the page.

Contacting the JPMorgan Chase customer Care service help desk by Social Media

You can access the JP Morgan Chase Bank through their various social media handles. with ease and at your comfort.

Specialized Banking channels

The JP Morgan Chase Bank is made up of two main independent banking platforms. To access the different customer service available to each section is so easy. All you have to do is determine which area of banking you require financial help and then determine the sector of the JP Morgan Chase Bank that handles any of them and gets started.

The JP Morgan Customer Care Service

The JP Morgan Private Bank handles a whole lot of banking services such as Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Banking as well as Wealth management facilities and so much more.  You can contact the JP Morgan Private Bank by phone number through this number: 1-212-270-6000 or by online contact through this link

The Chase Customer Care Service

The Chase Bank handles banking activities such as credit card services both in the United States and Canada. The Chase Bank also handles retail banking activities as well as commercial banking. To contact the Chase Bank, you can either call the following numbers or contact the Chase Bank customer care through their page.

  • (the U.S. only): 1-877-242-7372
  • Outside the U.S: 1-713-262-3300
  • TTY/TDD Machines: 1-800-CHASED, (1-800-242-7383).

The JP Morgan Chase customer service is specially prepared to ensure complete service and satisfaction. Ensure to use these beautiful service options made available to you, so you will always stay ahead of your game.

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  • URGENT! I am in Italy and have lost my chase card. I need a replacement sent to me here in Italy ASAP, please, and not to my Texas (home) address. I will be here more than a month and desperately need the card here. It can be sent securely to:
    Laura Santa Maria
    -for MARGIE KING-
    Via Zago 9/c
    35020 Saonara (PD) (Padua), Italia

    I just reported the loss online, and before I could find the link to have replacement sent to Italy, I received a message that it would be sent to my home address in Texas. DO NOT SEND TO TEXAS — please send to the above address in ITALY. I am stranded without the card and thank you for sending it express service — as soon as possible! Please respond that you have received this message and the replacement will be processed to the above address in Italy. THANK YOU!

  • After actively pursuing this for the last 6 MONTHS, following Chase’s mistakenly closing our account, a month ago, Chase finally committed to returning our $87,814.77 in 7 business days. They did not! Without any plausible explanation or firm commitment to return our money at any specific point in the future. We’ve been forced to live in abject poverty due to Chase’s continued negligence and cannot wait a minute, hour, or a day longer!
    We’ve were receiving repeated promises of 24-48 business-hour delays which eventually ceased receiving absolutely no evidence Chase has taken any action whatsoever.
    We only discovered our account was closed when our checks started bouncing that was over 6 months ago. We were very understanding and patient. Being assured the problem was being addressed and would be repaired. We couldn’t conceive that over 6 MONTHS later we still wouldn’t have access to our money and Chase was doing nothing to correct to problem.
    I would think Chase would have better ways of keeping their clients money in their coffers, like offering responsible and professional service for example, than denying Chase’s clients access to their money once it’s in their vaults and refusing to return it.
    Aside from being illegal, it’s not the sort of example that attracts new clients. Public disclose of this saga, would probably cause a worldwide run on Chase banks by its current clientele. Given Chase’s poor handling of our account, and Chase’s Indifference to it. I see absolutely no reason a similar saga couldn’t happen to any of them.
    Anyone know how to contact 60 minutes?

    David J Langren

  • I need HELP>
    I need to log on to my checking account on line but chase wont let me. My IP address has changed because I cleaned my computer. they say they don’t recognize me. then they tell me to log on to get a email nd they wont allow me. plus im in another country and have no phone! so I cant call.
    I need to log in! ……….PS, I have 3 emails and three computers.

  • Okay, I opened a new account and I was not offered the starter checks on my welcome package. Now I am starting work and I need a starter check and they told me I had to pay for it and while I was told that my account went from $1.01 to a negative $11 and some change on a transaction and they telling me I got to pay for the starter checks I was never honor for free on my account opening folder. They will probably just say that I always have a problem.

  • AAron morales wants to reopen up a new checking account as well as a new debit card as well under no circumstances will or should it ever be shut down my checking account or debit card as well I make too much money to qualify to shut it down thank u plus a new routing number as well as a checking account number as well

  • I need assistance on our 501c3 nonprofit account. been locked out and need to access it. Concerned that this will hold us back for the PPP loan. was on the phone 4 hrs yesterday April 7th with 5 different people to no avail.

  • April 28

    We have tried very hard to get my wife a debit card. First we we’re told you had to go to a branch. Well there are none in New York where we live, closest is about 150 miles away. So waited until we got to our Florida Home. Now with the COVID virus problems we had to make an appointment to assess branch. We did so and was told we get the new card in three – five business days. That did happen, but when tried to activate the numbers didn’t match what is on the computer. Tried to call branch, unable to get someone to phone or answer it. So call the 1-800 number, tried to get through but again didn’t match up again, had to wait 8 minute to speak to a person, she basically just asked a few questions and turn us over to the same computer. Again it didn’t match up, had to wait another 11 minutes. New person tried the same thing but this time I requested a supervisor, unable to get one. Had to fill out a form for a supervisor to return a call (unknown when). Second opinion was to mail us a new pin number, said OK let us do that. Lady came back on phone and basically told us since our credit cards address had been change 30 days ago that she was unable to mail us a new pin number. Again asked for a supervisor, still not available. so we just cancelled the card. With today computers this is just unrealistic. Not sure if we will stay with Chase Bank.

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