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How to Migrate to Cheapest MTN Call Packages

Cheapest MTN call tariff plans
Written by Abe Cherian

Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans and How to Migrate

Despite the high charges of MTN as described by many subscribers on their call tariff plan and packages. There are still some tariff plans that look fair, which I will disclose here to enable you to choose anyone that seems beneficial to you and migrate.

People like me most in cases, stay wherever and on ever tariff plan we found ourselves. This is not very good, it is of importance you know the package you are at every given time and also know what you are charged per second or minute. This publication will help put you on the right track with MTN charges this year (2016). Just go through this written carefully to select anyone of your choice.

Cheapest MTN call tariff plans

  1. MTN SuperSaver+ (with code: *408*1# or send 408 to 131 to migrate).

This call plan is actually designed for businesses and businessmen and women across all sectors of the economy. Though, anyone can equally enjoy it especially when you make calls a lot. This package maintains number one on Nollytech MTN count-down on the cheapest package. Especially if you make business calls heavily. It allows you a flat tariff of 15k/sec after the first 120 seconds of the day at 40k/sec to all networks. In a simple terms 15k/sec is = N9 per minute, while the first 120 second (2 minutes) at 40k/sec is = N24 per second multiply by 2 = N48.

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  1. MTN Smooth TalkPlus

Second cheapest tariff plan on my MTN –Nig count-down with code: *401# or better still send 401 to 131 to migrate to this plan. This tariff package allows you to call at a flat rate of 15k/sec for all networks in Nigeria with the first call of the day charged at 40k/sec. Note if you have migrated within a month more than once, you will be charged N100, otherwise more than a month is free of charge. The difference between SuperSaver+ and Smooth TalkPlus is that SuperSaver+ is designed for heavy callers, like Managers, senior Executives, Professionals, and other business leaders. As I earlier said an average person can equally enjoy it. The first 120 seconds is charged 40k/sec, while Smooth TalkPlus is charged for first 60 seconds for the same 40k/sec.

Cheapest MTN call tariff plans 2

  1. MTN TrueTalk

This is the package every new MTN SIM card comes with; it actually allows users to enjoy a flat tariff of 20k/sec to any network in Nigeria. This does not have any first seconds or minute charges like the others earlier mentioned. 20k/sec is equivalence to N12 MTN to MTN and MTN to other local networks; to migrate dial *400# or send 400 to 131.

Finally on the Nollytech MTN –Nig Package is Beta Talk. The most used call plan, probably considered lowest tariff package as a result of its immediate rewards of 200% airtime once you recharged from N100 and above. To migrate send BT to 131 or dial *123*2*6#. But, before you do this, it will be good you know its charges as well, because I don’t considered Beta Talk to be cheapest just because it comes with bonus on each recharge card as considered by some publishers. It come with 40k/sec, that is N24 per minute from the given bonus and main account. SMS will be charged from the subscriber’s main account; the bonus expires within three days if not exhausted.

Save yourself lot of money by avoiding some exploiting packages. Keep on enjoying your chosen MTN package, as I promised to update you of any changes on packages overtime.

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