Check Bank Account Balance

How To Check Bank Account Balance Via Phone, Online or App

Do you own a bank account and wish to know how to check your account balance online? If so stick around, I will show you the different ways with which you can check bank account balance online.

The days of having to visit the bank to get and view your account balance are long gone. You can now make almost all banking transactions from the comfort of your phone or other electronic devices with ease. Take hold of these beautiful processes and improve the speed and nature of your banking and financial experiences.

How to Check your bank account balance through social media

Some banks now have beautiful links on Social media handles such as Facebook or Instagram where you can view your account statement with ease. I will be posting a comprehensive list of social media accounts owned by banks specifically for these purposes very soon.

Check your bank account balance via internet banking platform

There are a lot of banks that now have adequate and beautiful banking platforms put in place  to help improve your banking experience. These platforms run on the web and can be accessed by all smart devices. All you need do is register with your bank for access to its internet banking platform.

Check Bank Account Balance

You can also take a look at some of our posts for tutorials on how to start enjoying Internet banking such as internet banking made easy.

OR you can also click below on any web address to go to individual posts giving you insight on your bank’s unique platform.

How to Check bank account balance via your bank’s USSD feature

You can now check bank account balance via your mobile device with ease and comfort.

This feature works well on all phones and does not require access to the internet. All you need is to access your bank transfer code at your fingertips and that’s all, you can now check your account balance, anytime anywhere.

Check your bank account via your bank’s mobile app

A lot of banks also have applications specially designed to ease your banking needs. All you require is a smartphone and you are all set to monitor your account at anytime.

This applications can be downloaded via your app store (Google play store, iPhone app store). Check out our links to tutorials for mobile banking with different banks.

How to check your GTBank account balance

How to check your UBA account balance ,

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Check Bank Account Balance via Email Alert

You can register at your bank for periodic emails displaying your account statement. This is a good way of knowing not just your account balance but also having a good idea of all your financial transactions.

The only flaw about this method is that it is periodic and can not be accessed at all times. But, you can subscribe for this as well as any other methods. You can even use all the methods of you so desire. its quite easy.

All  these methods are available to every and any account, except for very high premium account (accounts held by companies). All of these methods are quite good and secure,there is no special one.

If you do need special information on any of these tutorials, kindly place a comment below

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