how to check bvn number

How To Check Your BVN Number Online

Here in this quick guide, you are going to learn how to check BVN Number online. First and foremost, what is BVN?

What is BVN?

BVN, short form for Bank Verification Number is an 11 digit number unique to every individual with an account in any bank in Nigeria. It serves as a sort of ID that represents all your financial transactions via any financial institution in the country.

how to check bvn number

BVN was introduced into the Nigerian banking system as a means of curbing all forms of financial crimes that has escalated in the recent times in the country.

The Bank verification number (BVN) covers all sort of biometric information about an individual and helps bring about transparency and security to all banking activities carried out by that individual in the country.

Why do you need a Bank Verification Number (BVN)

  • It secures your Bank account and ensures transparency in all financial transactions carried out by you.
  • It exposes any sort of fraudulent transactions carried out on your account.
  • Once you register, every bank in the country with your name and details fall under the same unique ID

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How do you check BVN Number?

There are times when you need to check your BVN number and cannot locate the document you wrote it down in the first place? Have you been in such an uptight position, well no worries, you don’t need to beat yourself about it, you can access it from any where, without having memorized it.

Check Your BVN Number through your internet banking platform

  • Log in to your internet banking platform
  • Go to the section that says check your BVN number
  • It is all easy

Note: this option is not available for all banks in Nigeria.

Check BVN Number through your mobile phone

  • Dial *565*0# on your mobile phone (ensure it is the phone number linked to the account you used during registration)
  • you will recieve your BVN number as a message on your phone
  • these service cost only N20 and can be accessed on all networks and by all banks

Check your BVN through your banks’ mobile app service

A lot of banks in Nigeria have exclusive and beautiful bank applications that you can make all transactions from it. If you own a smartphone, visit your app store and download the application specific to your bank. To learn more about mobile banking procedures in the different banks in Nigeria. check out our other articles, we have lots of information for you.


Still haven’t got a BVN number? here’s how to get one

  • Visit any Nigerian bank of your choice (preferably the one you have an account with)
  • Request for the BVN enrollment form
  • Fill all the required information as accurately as possible (its a one time form only)
  • Submit the form
  • Your facial print and thumbprint will be taken (Biometric registration)
  • You will be given a transaction ID
  • After 24 hours, your BVN will be sent to your phone number

BVN is a a unique number that has simplified all banking transactions. its the sole reason why you can now open an account with any bank over the internet because once you open input this number while registering for the new account, the said bank receives your authentic details without stress.

If you have more questions about using or checking BVN number, kindly drop a comment below.

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