How to Check UBA Account Balance Online Via Mobile Phone

Check UBA Account balance online


Would you love to know how to check UBA account balance online from your mobile phone without having to visit the bank? Well read on, I will share with you lovely ways to check your UBA account balance without having to leave your comfort zone.

How to check UBA account balance online from your phone
How to check the UBA bank account balance from your phone

The United Bank for Africa popularly called UBA is among the largest banks in Nigeria. The bank is one among the most innovative banks in the country.  As an innovative bank geared towards customer satisfaction, it seeks only to improve its services to better the lives of its customers.

All these reasons are the factors which brought about the advent of awesome packages, products and services engineered towards customers satisfaction. These services include the UBA Mobile banking service, the UBA mobile App, and the UBA mobile banking platform.

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Simple Way to Check UBA account balance online via your Mobile phone

Checking your account balance via your mobile phone is so much easy. This platform is called UBA mobile banking. You can now check UBA account balance via this platform.

Simply dial: *919*00# from any device of your choice (Android, Java, Windows etc.). You will receive an instant SMS from UBA immediately bearing your most current account balance. Ensure the phone number you use is linked to your UBA account otherwise, this service will not work.

Other things you can do on the *919# magic banking

The *919# code is a unique code that allows you access a major chunk of your banking needs by simply utilizing this code system. Some other services you can manage from your mobile phone include:

  • Send money to other UBA accounts: to do this simply dial:*919*3*account number*amount #
  • Send money to other banks: simply dial *919*4*account number*amount #
  • Top up your phone; simply dial *919*Amount#
  • Top up  the phone of your friends and loved ones: simply dial *919*phone number*Amount #
  • You can simply pay bills by dialling *919*5#

Checking your UBA account balance is quite easy in this new era. You can now work smarter and better from any platform of the package you desire. I do hope this works for you. Do let us know your thoughts and experiences while using this service.

If you do need any further instructions, do not fail to drop a comment lets discuss it.

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