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Cinema 4D Price, Features And How It Works

What is Cinema 4D?

CINEMA 4D is a unique software for 3D modelling, the creation of motion graphics, image painting and animation. It is owned by MAXON computer.

CINEMA 4D offers an array of tools that assist 3D artists to get amazing results. It also offers great capabilities for a simplified functioning in polygonal/procedural modelling, texturing, lighting, or rendering

The program’s well-known reliability shines through the modern, fast-paced 3D production. This is the perfect platform for seasoned professionals and beginners alike. It allows users to replicate their visualized designs, create challenging video game graphics, 3D motion graphics, product and architectural visualizations, illustrations, etc.

Cinema 4D price
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CINEMA 4D satisfies the taste of many 3D artists. It gives room for four different variations of the app to be put into use – the CINEMA 4D Studio, Broadcast version, Visualize solution, and the Prime version.

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What are the benefits of CINEMA 4D?

CINEMA 4D is the go-to software for creative artists and it offers a perfect result. It has the various excellent feature that suits the taste of many variations of 3D Artists depending on the type of CINEMA 4D module:

  • CINEMA 4D studio is perfect for users who wish to design amazing 3D graphics but are not very perfect at doing so, they require assistance in achieving it with ease. It is the chief version of the tool. It covers other variants.
  • CINEMA 4D Broadcast is the perfect fit for users who desire to create great motion graphics.
  • CINEMA 4D Visualize is another variant of the software. It assists graphics designers to replicate their creativity. Various forms of architectural creativities are also achieved.
  • CINEMA 4D prime is great in assisting creative graphics designer who seeks to design all forms of graphics and architectural creativities in the 3D perspective.

CINEMA 4D is designed to be a perfect fit for both the novice and the highly experienced graphics designers.

It is used across a wide range of industries for creating special effects, computer animations in movies and for professional graphic designs.

How is CINEMA 4D sold?

This Graphic design software has a wide array of features that make it a versatile and powerful tool in the 3D motion and architectural graphics designs.

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Photo by from Pexels.

Downloading CINEMA 4D Trial Version.

Just like other top computer programmes, CINEMA 4D full version is not free. Users who wish to evaluate this amazing tool can do so by downloading the free trial version to test before buying it. The CINEMA 4D trial period lasts for 42 days and all the versions in the full package are available. Meanwhile, a free full version of the software is free for the students’ version. Here’s the download link to the trial version.


The full version is captioned “the studio version”. It is a fully specified version of the 3D modelling tool. All the 4 versions are all embedded in the studio version. It costs roughly $3,510 for users to purchase this complete tool. It has workflows that allow users to switch from one version to the other. cinema 4d logo

The variant editions of the tool can also be purchased singularly.

  • CINEMA 4D visualize costs $2,295
  • CINEMA 4D prime costs $995
  • CINEMA 4D broadcast costs $1265

CINEMA 4D can be used in windows and in operating systems. In windows, it works perfectly in windows 7 or higher.

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If you wish to attain advancement in your motion graphic design, then you have to make use of this great tool.

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