How To Apply For Citibank Credit Card And Get Approved

Citibank credit card application procedure.


Citibank credit card apply online and get approved- This article contains step by step instructions on the different types of Credit cards proffered by Citibank, the eligibility and application process.

Citibank credit card apply
Citibank credit card application procedure.

Citibank is one of the most popular banks in World offering a wide range of credit products to millions of customers. With a wide range of competitive interest rates on its loans and credit lines, Citibank remains a top force in the World credit market.

Citibank Credit Card packages.

  1. Shopping cards: You can get access to cards for online and offline shopping with the added advantage of exclusive rewards offers and discounts
  2. Cashback Card: you can also have access to cards which help save money on every purchase
  3. Business cards: This can help you when you require emergency funds for your business
  4. Rewards  Cards: this kind of Citibank credit card lets you accumulate rewards point to collect any gift of your choice
  5. Lifestyle Cards: this kind of card offers discounts and rewards on basic utilities.
  6. Travel cards: this kinds of cards allow you access to exclusive discounts at airports, on tickets and bookings. and so much more.

To view the credit cards made available for you by Citibank, Check the bank’s platform.

Citibank credit card requirements.

  1. Age: if you wish to own any of the Citibank credit card, you must be 18 years and above.
  2. Income: you must have a regular income before you can qualify for the Citi credit card. This requirement also differs from card to card as additional restrictions may apply.
  3. Credit History of the Applicant: you must have a clear and reliable history of loans collected in the past and how funds have been managed by you in recent years.

Citibank Credit Card Required Documents Before Application.

Personal Information.

You must provide proof of identity when applying for a credit card in Citibank. These are the required documents:

  1. Passport/Social Security number
  2. Your Driver’s license
  3. as well as your biodata (date of birth, full name etc)

Income Information.

This includes a  set of documents to prove that you are credit worthy. and they include:

  1. Your bank account statement
  2. IRS form
  3. Tax returns

*** more documents may be required depending on the credit card you wish to access especially for the Citibank business credit card applications.

How to apply for Citibank Credit Card.

Applying for Citibank Credit card packages is quite easy and can be done via different processes, they include:

Credit card Application online for new customers.

  • Go here to begin the application process:
  • check out the cards available on the page and click “apply”
  • Enter personal and contact details
  • Once contact details are verified, you will be accessed by a Citibank representative who will inform you on the next step to take.
  • Next, proceed with all the required documents to the Citibank branch office to complete the Citi card application process.

Citibank credit card application for existing customers.

If you are already a customer to Citibank, just follow this simple procedure below to apply for a credit card.

  • Visit this page and enter your internet banking ID and mobile to number
  • Next, choose among credit card offers and click “apply”
  • Lastly, visit any Citibank branch office near you, bearing the documents above
  • Once approved, you will be contacted on how to access your credit card.


The Citibank credit card application is very easy and requires only minimal processing. I hope this article prepares you on how to best access any of the Citi credit card offers.

If you do need any further instructions, we will be happy to help.

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