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citibank customer service number


Citibank customer service can be contacted with the help of this insightful article. In this post, we will share all the methods you need to contact Citibank customer service at any time you wish to make an inquiry or complaint. continue reading to find out.  citibank customer service

The Citibank is an American multinational that proffers mainly services such as Credit Card Banking as well as other banking platforms including Retail Banking, Investment Banking and Commercial Banking. it is the 4th largest bank among the best banks in America. With Satisfaction as its main priority, the Citibank has successfully well over 200 million customer accounts.

The Citibank customer care service is also one of a kind, do read on to learn how you can access the Citibank customer care services from anywhere in the World.

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Citibank customer service.

Account Information: you can make inquiries on your Citibank account via the Customer care desk, you can also make inquiries on how to open a Citibank Account( pr -account opening) via the customer care desk in an efficient and fast manner.

Information on products and Service: You can make inquiries on any Citibank newest products and services via this platform and you will be given step by step instructions on every one of them via the Citibank Customer care desk.

All complaints: Whatever the problem, especially if you do suspect any fraudulent activities on your Citibank Account, do contact the Citibank Customer care Service and you will be attended to in due course.

Citibank customer service phone numbers.

Citibank offers a wide range of customer service numbers you can access from any country, all you need do is pick the phone number of the country/ continent you are presently in and then dial. Some of these are toll-free numbers but most of them require that you possess Airtime before contacting. citibank customer service number

  • Australia– 1800 252 856 (toll free)
  • Bahrain –  8000 4884
  • Canada – 1800 248 4674 (toll free) or  1866 703 2462 (Pre-accounting opening toll free)
  • UAE – 8000 171 122 ( Pre accounting opening toll free) or 800 035703463 ( Post accounting opening toll free)
  • Hong Kong – 800 908 413 ( toll free)
  • India – +91 22 4955 2484
  • Singapore – 1 800 225 7211 ( toll free)
    65 6225 7211 ( Post Account opening)
    800 101 2342 ( Pre-account opening)
  • Thailand –  011 800 65 6196 ( toll free)
  •  Europe –  0800 032 2484 ( Toll free from UK)
    00-800-2484 2484 ( Toll free from Europe)
    0808 101 7384 ( Toll-free Pre-account Opening)
  • USA – 1 800 248 4671 ( toll free)
    1866 703 2462 ( Pre account Opening toll free)

Citibank Email Address.

If you are in the Us, you can send an email to the Citibank customer care service via this email address especially good if you wish to open an account with Citibank online.

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Citibank Live Chat.

You can also contact Citibank online through their live chat system, but you must be in the US before you can access this feature. To chat today with the customer care service, click here.

You can also contact the Citibank customer care via your Citibank internet banking platform. All you need do is Log in and select the customer care service option. it’s so easy.

Citibank Mailing Address.

If you do prefer sending a postal mail to the Citibank  Customer Care Service, send a mail to the Postal addresses below.

Bahrain –   Citibank NRI Business, Citibank House, Al Seef District, PO Box 548,        Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dubai – Citibank NRI Service, Al Wasl Building, 7th Floor, Oud Metha, PO Box 749, Dubai, UAE.

India  For Regular mail: Citibank,N.A., PO Box 4830, Anna Road Post Office, Chennai 600 002, Tamil Nadu, India.

For Registered or Certified Mail: Citibank N.A., Mail Room, ACROPOLIS, 9th Floor, New Door No.148 (Old No.68), Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

Singapore – Citibank Singapore Ltd., NRI Business Center, 8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #21-00, Singapore 018960.

USA – Citibank NRI, PO Box 431, New York, NY 10013.

The Citibank customer service is quite accessible and gives you many options to make all such inquiries. Contact the Citibank Customer service today and get all you want to be done.

If you do need any more information, do place a comment below.

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