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How to Clear Search History on Instagram in 2020 (With Pictures)

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You should clear search history on Instagram because it leaves a trail of all the places you have visited. It is like walking on a wet red soil with barefoot showing where you are or going. When you login into Instagram, the application will save your profile, the posts you read, and images in your phones and computer cache memory for fast retrieval later.

clear search history on Instagram

Search history is a temporary file on your phone and computer cache. Clearing cache will delete only this temporary memory. This post will give you a step by step guide on how to clear search history on Instagram using the Instagram application on a desktop personal computer.

Follow this step by step guide. Let us start the tutorial.

How to clear Search History on Instagram.

  • Log in to your Instagram Account and click the gear image on the right-hand side of your desktop Instagram page to begin clearing search history on your Instagram account.

Click the gear button

  • Next, click “Privacy and Security“.

clear search history Instagram - Click "Privacy and Security"

  • Click the “View Account Data” link as shown below

Click "View Account Data"

  • Then, scroll up to “Account Activity” and click “View all” under search history.

clear search history Instagram - click "View all"

  • At this stage, what you will do next is to select “Clear Search History” to open the next and final page for you to clear search history Instagram.

Click "Yes, I am sure"

  • This is the last thing you must do to clear search history on Instagram. Just go ahead and click “Yes I Am Sure” and the system will wipe all your search history clean.

Please, make sure you delete your Instagram search history often.

Why? Because, if you don’t, the Instagram application will keep saving new search history daily whenever you use the Instagram platform to reach your friends, make posts or do searches.


There you have it. Clearing search history on Instagram is as easy as following those six simple steps.

They include: clicking the gear image, selecting privacy and security, viewing account data, scrolling up to account activity and clicking view all, then selecting clear search history and finally clicking yes I am sure.

If you found it hard to do before, go on and use this tutorial to help you remove your search history from your desktop computer.

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