10 Best Cloud Storage Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

This post covers the 10 best cloud storage apps for Android and iPhone. Nowadays, mobile devices are made with adequate storage memory for the kind of files it’s compatible with, and software programs that it supports. But with the growing increase of multimedia contents like images, videos and audios, mobile in-build storage might somewhat seem inadequate. So, there is a valid need for storage devices, like memory cards and hard drives. best cloud storage apps

But, in recent times, these storage devices have also failed in their capability to save a large amount of data as memory cards vary in sizes and hard drives are vulnerable to viruses and sometimes fail. An alternative solution is the cloud storage apps which are the topic of our discussion today.

Cloud storage apps are virtual portable mediums that provides the convenience of storing data without investing much. Cloud storage apps are quite popular these days, and very many individuals find it hard to pick the right Cloud storage app for various uses. This article reveals some of the best cloud storage mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Let’s check them out quickly.

10 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android iPhone

  1. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft drive is one of the best cloud storage apps for Android and iOS users that offers free online storage for all your personal and business related files. You can easily access data, store work files, and share them with other people also. With Microsoft OneDrive you can automatically upload multimedia contents and personal documents directly to your personal Onedrive account. Additional options like search tool, automatic tagging and frequent updates are available.

  1. ShoeBox


This app acts as a personal photo collection with unlimited free backup to all your devices, available on iOS devices exclusively. Shoebox automatically backup your photos to keep all your event and personal memories safe and secure. Cool features like unlimited space are included.

  1. Sync – Secure Cloud Storage

Sync - Secure cloud storage

Sync is another good cloud storage app for iPhone that keeps your files protected and encrypted and with personal access control services been provided. This app generally keeps your files safe, secure and private allowing you access to your files easily from all your devices. You can also share files securely with other people using this app. Sync is exclusive to iPhone devices only.

  1. DropBox


Dropbox is another app designed in order to reduce plenty of work. Collect together all your personal and business files in a central and safe manner across all your devices. Dropbox also makes it possible to access these files anytime and anywhere and across all your devices. This cloud storage app can also sync, share and edit documents in different formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF with cool features like document scanning, comment options on files and many more. Available for Android and iPhone users respectively.

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  1. 100 GB free Cloud Drive From Degoo

100 GB

This is one of the best apps that allow Android users to back up all your data directly from your mobile device. You can also backup your photos, documents and general personal files on this cloud storage app. It is exclusive to Android devices and encrypts all your files via military grade encryption before actually uploading them to the cloud drive. This mobile app is reliable and can store a large number of files with easy access to those files any day and anytime.

  1. Mega


Mega is a good cloud storage app that offers users controlled encrypted cloud storage services via standard browsers. This tool offers users direct access to upload, view, share, rename, download and search for multimedia contents and documents from the comfort of their mobile devices. Mega provides newly registered users with 50 GB free storage on registration and has paid plans with much higher limits. Download mega from Playstore to use it.

  1. MyCloud


MyCloud provides options for saving, accessing and sharing of files everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Automatic backup of personal photos, videos and documents to your cloud storage are also available. The app is indeed very reliable and integrates with other cloud service agents providing users with a more centralized platform for all their contents. MyCloud is available to Android users exclusively.

  1. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud offers a simple and great way to back up and store files for future use. You can easily access the cloud drive provided to you by this cloud service agent across all your devices, organize, save and even share your files with a backup limit of up 10 GB for free. G Cloud offers a great way with which you can save and share your present and past memories for future purposes. G Cloud supports the Android Platform.

  1. Cloud Gallery

Cloud Gallery

Cloud gallery as the name connotes is a cloud service agent mainly use for the organizing of multimedia contents like photos, images, videos and more. You can also easily add tags and search with ease. This cloud gallery search tool provisions that easily allows you to locate files especially if you have an enormous collection of them stored. This cloud storage app is available only on the Android platform.

  1. pCloud: Free Cloud Storage


pCloud is notably one of the best cloud storage apps across all Android platforms.  It allows you to store files from multiple devices to a cloud storage space with an expanded memory of up to 2 Terabyte. Backing up digital photos, videos, documents and even audio files can be done automatically with utmost ease. You can also synchronize your files across all devices and access those files offline. Pcloud is also the best storage app for offline use across Android devices. Cool features like file sharing, tracking changes and logical stats are also available.

In conclusion, many users feel unsafe about saving their personal files like business documents on the cloud. They feel like since it is a virtual storage platform, it poses a risk threat and their files safety can be jeopardized.

Those listed apps are secure and largely use encryption software to avoid theft and file corruption. These 10 best cloud storage apps are reliable and safe for use. The extensive compilation of this article had these problems in mind, and assure promising users that these storage apps are risk-free and safe.

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