Mint vs YNAB

YNAB Vs Mint Budget Apps Comparison

Get the YNAB vs Mint budgeting apps back to back comparison in no time to help you make the right choice.

ynab vs mint

YNAB Vs Mint budgeting app comparison.

Making the right choice of a great budgeting and personal finance app can be quite challenging. This is because there are so many lovely applications out there offering this lovely benefits but the hardest part is picking the right tool that will give you everything you really desire is a budget and finance app. To help you make that choice here is a comparison between two of the most favourite personal finance; YNAB and Mint.


YNAB vs Mint
Mint vs YNAB.

The Mint budgeting app is a free online personal finance tool that allows you to connect all your financial accounts to give one startup final picture. With this lovely infographic picture, you can set your budget and goals keeping a strict view on your financial goals on the go.

Why Mint?

Mint dashboard

Mint will keep an eye on your money in one single interface. It is so easy to sign up and you will receive alerts via your mobile phones or email for.

  • Late fees: The Mint app is designed to give you alerts from time to time about bills that are late or unpaid.
  • Over budget on a category: The Mint app is designed to ensure that you have a strict budgeting tool at all times.
  • Bill reminders:  Whenever any bill is due, the Mint app will remind you of the date to ensure you pay your bills at the right time.
  • Rate changes: The Mint app stays up to date with any changes made on the rates within your bank accounts.
  • Large purchases: The Mint app is perfect for shopping, as you can quickly enter all large purchases.

You can get this app either on Playstore or the iOS store.



YNAB short for You Need a Budget is a paid app that helps you monitor your income expenses as well as a constructional financial support helping you deal with periods of financial troubles.

Here is one of the features. YNAB bills will ensure that you do not waste a single penny on all the wrong things. It also allows you to manually categorize your budget and track your expenses or you can import finances from your account so you can stay focused on your budget. With YNAB you can connect with your bank and instantly upload all transactions.


Mint vs YNAB

With this application, you have got the right app designed to get you out of debt, save money and stop all unnecessary spending.

This it does by:

  •  Giving every dollar a job: The YNAB app ensures that every money in your account is assigned a specific goal.
  •  Embrace only its purpose: With the YNAB app, you can make more efficient budgets by allocating all your expenses in a customized format to suit your needs.
  •  Anticipate and adjust: With the YNAB app you can adjust and anticipate all overspending in certain categories so you stay true to long-term goals.

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Features both YNAB and Mint offer.

These apps have many similarities but the most common are.

  • Bank synchronization: Both apps allow you to link your accounts and import transactions automatically to have a true picture of your financial position.
  •  Device compatibility: You can simply use both apps in any of your devices and change device at any time without any added stress.
  • Mobile support: Both the YNAB and Mint App Support iOS and Android.
  • Budgeting: Both apps allow you to keep a watchful eye on your finances in an easy infographic.

The difference between YNAB and Mint App.

  •  Weekly summaries: The Mint app allows you an easy way to view all past transactions and make good evaluations on them while the YNAB apps give you only the best and excellent budgeting tools ever.
  • Alerts: The Mint app is designed to send you alerts about pending bills from time to time why giving helpful tips on how to save money on transactions.
  • Credit score tracking: The Mint App will view and monitor your credit score accent usages errors and all payments history through a simple glance. The YNAB app, on the other hand, is built to only give a budgeting tool and nothing more.
  •  Investment tracking: With Mint, you can make good on investment although there are better apps than the Mint app for that purpose.
  • Category adjustment: With the YNAB app you can easily colour code and adjust all entries to truly suit your time budgets. The Mint App on the other hand only allows adjustments for the subcategories.
  • Seamless report: The Mint app will calculate your net worth from time to time an display it at the top of your screen while the YNAB app will give you a summary information about your budgets as well as quick options on if you have made enough budgets for an upcoming expenses.

With both apps, you have got the finest budgeting tools, but you can make that choice of which, depending on what you really want in your budgeting applications. I do hope this article helps you with that choice. Do let us know your thoughts on each app.

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