10 Best Compass Apps for Android And iOS That Are Simple


If you love geographical locations, longitudes, and latitudes of this world, then you would enjoy this content which is a list of the best compass apps for Android and also for iOS. Also, if you think of those things I mentioned earlier, you would know that without a compass and a map you would not be able to find them. As you are aware, you use a compass to find locations and diagonals of the areas you want and more.

Compass Apps

You may have an old compass, lost one or it was stolen or anything could have happened to it and you may have tried to buy a new one but failed, do not worry anymore because there is a solution. Fortunately, there are apps that will enable you to use your smartphone as a compass. All you have to do is choose any of the apps in this article, download it and start using it.

You know, previously, we listed some best geology apps but in this post, we will talk about how you can get and use the best compass apps for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Compass Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Free HD Compass

best compass apps-Free HD CompassFree HD Compass is the first app we will analyze in this article. The app is simple and easy to use and it works exactly the way a normal compass works. Also, it shows you a lot of things just like a normal compass would. In addition, it gives you accurate directions allowing you to guide yourself to anywhere you want to go. The app is easy and free to download on any iOS device.

  1. Smart Compass

best compass apps-smart compassSmart Compass allows you to do a lot of things easily on your Smartphone. You can also download the app for free on either your Android or iOS devices. The app shows you cardinal directions through your Smartphone using magnetic fields technique. It is easy and simple to use and it provides you with all the geographical directions you need on your device.

  1. Commander Compass

best compass apps-commander compassCommander Compass is another good and simple app that you can use easily and conveniently on your iOS devices. The app provides you with a 3D view enabling you to get the right time positions and directions of where you want to go. It also has an in-built GPS and a point tracker you can use easily.

  1. Compass by Alexander Galstyan

best compass apps-Compass by Alexander galstyanCompass by Alexander Galstyan is another app you would use to your satisfaction. Also, you can pick it as the best in this list that you may download among all the listed apps. The app like other apps provides you with the degree and direction of places you are heading to right on your iOS device. This app also has connections with Google map making it easier for you to connect and know the view of places you are heading to.

  1. Gyro Compass

Gyro CompassGyro Compass is one of the other best compass apps in this article that you can get. It is available on Android and iOS devices as it offers you a lot in its contents. The app allows you to use it with the internet connection or without an internet connection as it also works with the GPS on your device. The app is free for download and it is easy and simple to use.

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  1. Accurate Compass

Accurate CompassAccurate Compass is another amazing compass app you can download on either your Android or iOS devices. As part of the best compass apps, it enables you to do a lot like giving you a 3D view like some of the other apps in this article. This allows you to view directions and positions well. In addition, the app also provides and shows your coordinates.

  1. Compass Coordinate

Compass CoordinateCompass Coordinate is in the list of the best applications. Also, it is easy to use this compass app. The app like the other apps provides you with directions and positions which enable you to navigate well. This app is amazing to use and you can get it on any of your Android devices.


  1. Altimeter GPX

Altimeter GPXAltimeter GPS is like every other app in this article. It gives you basic features although, one of the features is different from the rest.  It is another app that allows you to map out the direction you want to go. Also, it comes with four different maps. In addition, you download it on your Android or iOS devices.


  1. Real Compass Navigation

Real Compass NavigationReal Compass Navigation is another amazing app you can download having basic features you can use. Also, this app gives you the direction from and positions of where you want. It also has an updated map that comes with its own GPS system. Furthermore, this app allows you to navigate and know the area where you are heading. The app is available for Android users.

  1. iGPS

iGPSiGPS is the last app in this article and it gives you the weather forecast. Also, it comes with maps among other things. The app has an option for maps that goes three ways, one as terrain, and another as a satellite and the last as a roadmap. This app is suitable for download on iOS devices.


The apps in this article provide you with a lot of features, that enable you to use your Smartphone as a compass. There are many of them that you can download on your device. However, in this post, I gave you a list of apps with the best features making them the best compass apps that you can find on the internet and use. So, go on, select and download any of them as quick as you can and give us feedback.

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