How to Connect Phone to Laptop (With or Without USB)

Connect phone to Laptop


A mobile phone is a very important tool nowadays. With it, one can save important documents, business, proposals, tutorials, music and so much more. As an individual, you might need to decide to put those documents on your mobile device into your computer. If you are having problems with how to connect phone to laptop, this post is going to put you through.

You can only transfer documents or information from your phone to a laptop if the devices are connected together. In other to manage your phone on PC, you need to frequently connect the two devices together in other to transfer files between them. People have different ways of connection; some people will make use of the USB because it is the fastest way while others will use other methods like Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. It is necessary to know how to connect phone to laptop with or without USB in the case where your cable isn’t with you. So, you don’t get stranded and frustrated.

Reasons for connection

There are so many reasons while you might want to connect your phone to your laptop. Some people share internet connection from their phones to their laptops using the hotspot and Wi-Fi connection. For other individuals, they need to transfer files from phones to the computer whether it is for personal or professional reasons. If you are watching tutorials on your phone, the screen might be too small for you, so you will decide to transfer the video to a PC so that you will be able to view it on a large screen.

Knowing how to maintain a stable connection between your phone and laptop will serve many purposes and come really handy to you.

How to connect phone to Laptop with USB

When you purchase your phone new, there is every chance that it comes with a USB cable. For those, who do not know what it means, it is that part you can detach and attach to the head of your charger. If you do not have one, then you will need to purchase it online, or in any phone retail store.

Connect Phone to Computer Pics
Connect Phone to Laptop with USB

One of the most popular ways to connect phone to laptop is by using USB. You can follow the tips below to start your connection;

  • The first is to get your USB cable and then locate the mini-port on your phone. The location of the port depends on the model of the mobile device you are using.
  • Connect the little end of the cable to your phone. (It is also the charging port).
  • Search for an open USB port on your laptop and plug the larger end of the cable inside it.
  • A pop up will appear on your phone whether you want to charge or transfer files.
  • Click on the transfer files and you have established a connection.
  • Your laptop will tell you that a connection has been established and it will show you the memory of your phone.
  • Open it and look for the file you want to transfer. You can search for it using the name on the search panel.

How to connect phone to laptop without USB

There are so many ways you can connect phone to laptop without USB. The data will be transferred using another available data stream whether it’s a wireless or Bluetooth connection. Some of the cordless connection might require a one-time connection with a USB.

Connect Phone to Laptop without USB pics
Phone to Laptop without USB


First, you need to your mobile device and laptop to the same network. Then visit, on your laptop browser to load the QR code. After this, you also need to load AirMore on your phone and then click on Scan to connect so that your code will start scanning. Once you have done this, your connection will be successful.


First, you need to make sure your laptop has a Bluetooth application. After then, turn on the Bluetooth on both devices so that you can connect phone to laptop. Once your laptop has discovered your mobile device, you can then connect both. Once the connection has been successful, you can now start transferring files and documents. This method is one of the most common ones used to transfer content for devices that are together. The two devices need to establish a direct connection with Bluetooth.

IP Connection

To use this for connection, all you need is to enter an IP address in the browser of your laptop to build the connection. First, connect both devices to the same network. Then, tap on the button at the upper right of AirMore on your phone to Get IP Address. Once you get it, enter it into any browser on your laptop in other as to start the connection.

AirMore can help you connect your phone to a laptop without USB with the methods I have written above. So, your days of being stranded because you have no cable are over.

Connect Phone to Laptop – Conclusion

Finally, those are the ways to connect a phone to laptop with or without a USB cable. You can start transferring content between the two devices with ease.


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