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How To Contact T-Mobile Customer Service

T mobile customer service number, email address and the full contact details have been shared in this post. Learn about T-Mobile customer service in a very simple instruction. Do read on to find out more.

t mobile customer service

We all love T-Mobile for its unceasing provision of Wireless telecommunications. And it is not refuted that T-Mobile stands at first place as the best company offering the greatest in Customer Service Satisfaction (Nielsen).  T-Mobile remains to us all the number one American Wireless carrier.

With all of these within its grabs, T-Mobile also promises great feedback service. Do stick around to learn more about the T Mobile customer service.

Contacting the T-Mobile Customer Care service via Phone service

To contact the T-Mobile customer care for shopping via T-Mobile, all you require is to call the following numbers:

  • 1 800 866 2453
  • 1 888 537 4242 (for business customers).

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If you wish to contact the T-Mobile customer service for other services you can call via this toll-free numbers, you can either use the automated call: dial 611( 24 hours a day) or call 1 877 453 1304 ( available from 3 am to 10 pm) to speak to the customer care representatives.

You can call T-Mobile if you have hearing or speech impairment, simply dial 1877 296 1018, this service is available from 5 am to 10 pm every day.

Remember if you wish to call in concerning a technical difficulty on your phone, please call from another phone by dialling this number: 1 877 746 0909. If you are also outside the U.S, you can call by using this number: + 1 505 998 3793

Contacting the T-Mobile Customer Service for bill payments.

If you wish to pay your bills online via the T-Mobile website, you can also do so by calling 1 877 453 1304 or directly in person by finding a payment centre near you.

T-Mobile customer service Email Address.

You can simply send a message to the T Mobile customer service desk simply by clicking here or you can write the T-Mobile customer support for your inquiries and comments via the address:
T-Mobile Customer Relations.
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380.

Note: please do not send any payments via this address. Use the Payment options listed above.

Contacting T Mobile customer service via Social Media.

T- Mobile Customer Care Service also grants you an opportunity to use numerous social media platforms to send inquiries and review services offered to you.  You can either use the T-Mobile Community or you can use any other Social Media platforms:

For Facebook, you can contact at facebook/T-Mobile

Using Twitter: you can tweet a message at @TMobileHelp

Or you can use your Google+ account via this link.

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Introducing the T-Mobile Self Service options.

You can opt for personalized services by using the T-Mobile Self Service options to review and handle all difficulties including services such as bill payment, setting up AutoPay, upgrade of services and so much more.

You can either download the T-Mobile self-service app or use the T-Mobile Online Service option. All are easy to use and only require the Internet and a smart device.

Enjoying great phones and Network services can be really amazing. Enjoying further great avenues to inquire and send complaints that will be addressed as quickly as possible is quite an upliftment. Why don’t you take advantage of these services and get all you need to be done in due course and quite easily.

If you do need any more information, please place a comment below, let us discuss it.

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